Cover Story: Life with Father:
TV Times‘ writer Howard Dudding talks with Father Dear Father star Patrick Cargill who is in Australia to appear in a local version of the British series being made for the Seven Network. The nearly-60-year-old had plenty of praise for his young Australian co-stars Sally Conabere and Sigrid Thornton (pictured with Cargill on the TV Times cover). “They’ve worked marvellously on the series, they’re not afraid to ask a question if it’s going to teach them something, and they’re lovely kids,” he said.

Howson off for Oscar interviews:
Mike Walsh Show regular John Michael Howson has departed to Los Angeles to interview Hollywood stars, including Jane Fonda and Sylvester Stallone, as part of the lead-up to the Nine Network‘s coverage of the 50th Academy Awards. As well as Howson’s celebrity interviews, Mike Walsh will host an Academy Awards preview on Sunday night, and the Nine Network will screen the Academy Awards presentation on the Tuesday evening only hours after the awards have taken place in Los Angeles.

High-flying world of a TV whiz-kid:
Ian Kennon talks to TV Times about his role as general manager of TEN10 Sydney. The 36-year-old, the youngest general manager in Australian TV, had just returned from London where he had been negotiating with British producers about making more Benny Hill specials in Australia, and had received pleasing news that the channel had come second by only a fraction in the week’s ratings, and Kennon’s new ‘baby’, soap-opera The Restless Years, was rating extremely well. Kennon also reflects that the best things to have happened to TV in its first twenty-two years were In Melbourne Tonight, Number 96 and current affairs shows. He is also proud of his own channel’s game show Blankety Blanks with Graham Kennedy (pictured), “per ratings point, Blankety Blanks is the cheapest show to produce. It’s the most successful show ever.”

Viewpoint: Letters to the Editor
“I would like to say how disappointed I am in Glenview High and The Restless Years. The former claims to be the story of a typical high school. I think that if any of our high schools had the same amount of problems that Glenview apparently has, then there would be a few serious inquiries from the Education Department. The Restless Years is a little more credible, however, the whole plot seems to rely entirely on sex to hold it together.” A. Pellizzer, VIC.

“I have just sat through the (TV Week) Logie Awards and I am left disillusioned with the same dreary acceptance speeched from weather girls, etc, who wish to thank everyone from the producer to the tea lady.” Y. Newitt, QLD.

“Waistcoats may be fashionable, but they don’t do anything for Mike Walsh. They make him look like a trussed up fowl. And why are his suits all so dark and old-fashioned looking?” J. Anderson, VIC.

What’s On (April 1-7):
VFL returns for the 1978 season, with the return of the traditional Saturday evening replays on The Big League (HSV7), and a half-hour highlights package on ABV2. ABV2 also presents the one-hour late-night football review The Winners with Drew Morphett.

GTV9 presents Mike Walsh’s Academy Awards preview on Sunday night – after the movie – with John Michael Howson giving his tips on who will win on Hollywood’s big night. GTV9 then presents the 50th annual Academy Awards on Tuesday night, just hours after the event has been picked up via satellite. Bob Hope is host of the awards, and leading the nominations are movies Julia and The Turning Point, with eleven nominations each. GTV9 then follows the awards night an overnight presentation of previous Best Picture winners Rebecca, The Lost Weekend and Marty.

Premiering on ATV0 on Thursday night is the action drama Chopper Squad, based on the rescue services of a Sydney surf club, starring Dennis Grosvenor, Robert Coleby, Eric Oldfield and Rebecca Gilling. Later the same night, ABC presents the debut of US soap opera satire, Soap.

Sunday night’s movies are The Kansas City Massacre (HSV7), Carry On Again Doctor (GTV9) and The Outlaw Josey Wales (ATV0). British dramas The Duchess Of Duke Street and I Claudius continue on ABC.

Source: TV Times (Melbourne edition), 1 April 1978. ABC/ACP

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