Always plenty of gems to be found on YouTube, and this time a clip that caught my attention was this tribute to game shows, introduced by Tony Barber, a veteran of the genre having hosted The Great Temptation, Name That Tune, Family Feud, Sale Of The Century, Jeopardy and Wheel Of Fortune. This clip was taken from the TV Week Logie Awards presentation in 2002, with the game show tribute serving as the lead-up to the announcement of the year’s most popular game show.

Some of the titles featured include Pick A Box, Give It A Go, It Could Be You, The New Price Is Right, Wheel Of Fortune, It’s A Knockout, Sale Of The Century, It’s Academic and Perfect Match. How many others can you name?

Also on the game show theme, another clip added recently to YouTube is Network Ten‘s tribute to their contribution to the genre as featured on their 1996 special Forty Fun Years. Among the titles featured are Casino 10, two versions of Personality Squares, The Marriage Game, Perfect Match, The Celebrity Game and The Daryl & Ossie Show.

This blog’s parent website TelevisionAU has a tribute to some of our most successful game show formats.

YouTube: mrmatchgame, sawhitley

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