The day Mike Walsh blew a fuse!
TV Times
‘ cover story reveals some of The Mike Walsh Show‘s behind-the-scenes hazards in producing a daily live variety program. One incident involved a local electrician being summonsed at the last minute to present a segment on how to replace a fuse, only to have host Mike Walsh realise the electrician spoke little English. The segment became a impromptu, though brief, comedy spot. Another incident saw one visiting guest that came very close to catching a glimpse at Walsh’s normally top-secret interview notes while on-air, which gave some unflattering references to some of the star’s previous incidences which he would have rather forgot.

Ed Devereaux stars in school kidnap drama:
Ed Devereaux, star of the former children’s drama Skippy, is to star in a BBC dramatisation of the real-life 1972 kidnapping of a teacher and her young students from a school in the small town of Faraday in Victoria. The re-enactment of the crime is to feature in an eight-part series, Life At Stake, which is to screen in Australia on ABC.

May the best mind win!
The first episode of a new ABC quiz show, Mastermind, is about to go to air. Forty-eight contestants will embark on a battle of the brains over seventeen weeks. The winner of the series will then head to the United Kingdom to appear in the BBC series of the same name. But unlike most quiz shows, Mastermind will have no loud audience participation, no “pick a box” or “spin the wheel” type stunts – but does take general knowledge question and answers to a new level with subjects ranging from the music of Beethoven, to the royal families of Europe in the 19th century. One of the show’s upcoming contestants will be Hutton Gibson, an American-born computer programmer living in Sydney who had also been champion on other game shows including the US version of Jeopardy. Mr Gibson also has a son, Mel, who had just graduated from the National Institute of Dramatic Art.

Viewpoint: Letters to the Editor:
“The lovely little lady who, until now, had been only a voice on radio 2BL afternoon programs popped up on ABC News at 1.00pm. How wrong can one be? I had pictured Margaret Throsby to be a lass wearing long caftans, shawls and an Afro hairstyle. Instead, I find she is quite beautiful. Thank you ABC, it is about time we saw a pretty girl reading the news.” I.C. Alexander, NSW.

“Why is such a low-down, vulgar and senseless show such as Blankety Blanks allowed to be shown? The alternative channels often have little better. Give us good family shows. The Celebrity Game was enjoyed by my family. They like something that makes their brains tick over.” C. Roberts, VIC.

Paul Makin of Willesee At Seven handles serious subjects with understanding, but he should stop there while he’s ahead, as his interviews and antics with visiting celebrities and his street interviews are embarrassingly unfunny.” G. Sheen, NSW.

What’s On (March 25-31):
Weekend sport telecasts include the traditional easter Stawell Gift on ABC and HSV7. ATV0 presents a delayed telecast of Caesar’s Palace Challenge Cup Tennis, from the Caesar’s Palace Hotel in Las Vegas. ABC presents the Australian Rowing Championships from Hobart, and the Australian Surfing Championship from Budgen Beach, NSW.

ATV0 presents a one-hour US musical spectacular celebrating the 100th anniversary of America’s Bell Telephone Company, hosted by Bing Crosby and Liza Minnelli.

GTV9 screens a one-hour presentation of the Little River Band performing in concert in at the Rainbow Theatre in London. The special includes songs from the band’s album Diamantina Cocktail, and interviews with the band members. The band will also appear as special guests on GTV9’s The Don Lane Show.

Easter Sunday night movies include the biblical epic The Greatest Story Ever Told (GTV9) with an all-star Hollywood cast including John Wayne, Charlton Heston, Angela Lansbury, Shelley Winters, Telly Savalas and Max Von Sydow as Jesus.

Source: TV Times (Melbourne edition), 25 March 1978. ABC/ACP.

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