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On This Day — 15 September

15 September 1973: Gerard Kennedy (Division 4) 15 September 1973: Norman Yemm (Number 96) 15 September 1979: Mike Walsh (The Mike Walsh Show) 15 September 1984: Ray Martin and Jana Wendt (60 Minutes) 15 September 1990: Georgie Parker (A Country Practice) and Craig McLachlan (Home And Away) 15 September 2001: Tammin Sursok, Zac Drayson, Rebecca …

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On This Day — 8 September

8 September 1973: Sheila Kennelly and Gordon McDougall (Number 96) 8 September 1973: Mike Walsh (The Mike Walsh Show) 8 September 1984: Jacki MacDonald, Ossie Ostrich, Daryl Somers (Hey Hey It’s Saturday) 8 September 1990: Mat Stevenson and Emily Symons (Home And Away) 8 September 2001: Erik Thomson and Georgie Parker (All Saints) 8 September …

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On This Day — 8 August

8 August 1970: Pop star Allison Durbin 8 August 1987: Helen Wellings (The Investigators) 8 August 1992: Georgie Parker and Mary Coustas (Acropolis Now) 8 August 1998: Martin Sacks and Lisa McCune (Blue Heelers) 8 August 2009: Amy Mathews and Jon Sivewright (Home And Away) 8 August 1959: GTV9, Melbourne, screens the play They Were …

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On This Day — 29 July

29 July 1972: Lucy Kiraly (Tattslotto) 29 July 1972: Prime Minister William McMahon and Opposition Leader Gough Whitlam 29 July 1978: Mike Walsh (The Mike Walsh Show) 29 July 1995: Corey Glaister and Dieter Brummer (Home And Away) 29 July 2000: Carla Bonner, Kym Valentine, Dan Paris (Neighbours) 29 July 2006: Isabel Lucas and Jodi Gordon …

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On This Day — 7 July

7 July 1971: Kamahl 7 July 1973: Johnny Lockwood and Candy Raymond (Number 96) 7 July 1979: Bruce Barry, Deborah Coulls, Bartholomew John (Skyways) 7 July 1990: Sharyn Hodgson and Julian McMahon (Home And Away) 7 July 2007: Jodi Gordon and Paul O’Brien (Home And Away) 7 July 1982: The Mike Walsh Show celebrates its 2000th …

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On This Day — 5 July

5 July 1975: Skyhooks 5 July 2003: Sibylla Budd and Dan Spielman (The Secret Life Of Us) 5 July 1964: The 1957 film Heaven Knows Mr Allison is broadcast on GTV9, Melbourne. Starring Deborah Kerr and Robert Mitchum, the film went on to become the decade’s highest rating movie screening — attracting a rating of 59 …

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On This Day — 19 June

19 June 1965: Graham Kennedy (In Melbourne Tonight) 19 June 1976: Graeme ‘Shirley’ Strachan 19 June 1982: Mike Walsh and Mike ‘Shirley’ Williams (The Mike Walsh Show) 19 June 1999: Ben Unwin and Kimberley Cooper (Home And Away) 19 June 2004: Jane Allsop and Martin Sacks (Blue Heelers)

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No Man’s Land

The Seventies not only saw the increase in female representation in dramas — with ABC‘s Certain Women creating Australia’s first all-female lead cast — but it also saw female viewers better served in daytime viewing. The Mike Walsh Show, which debuted in February 1973, took the traditional tonight show format and transplanted it into a …

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1973: Which channel would go?

The question around the ongoing viability of three commercial networks has been raised, on and off, for many years. It was a question asked right back to when the federal government first permitted a third commercial network in the early 1960s — and in 1973 the industry itself was almost willing to sacrifice some of …

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Obituary: Diana Fisher

Diana Fisher, royal commentator and TV panellist, has died at the age of 91. She had been admitted to hospital in Sydney earlier in the week following a two-year battle with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Born in the UK as Diana Davis, her first job was at the BBC, where she stayed for eight years and met …

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