9 July 1988: Nicolle Dickson and Alex Papps (Home And Away)

9 July 1994: Dieter Brummer and Melissa George (Home And Away)

9 July 2005: Jodi Gordon, Chris Hemsworth, Mark Furze (Home And Away)

9 July 1970: ABC presents Project Australia, marking the launch of the microwave link between the east and west coasts of Australia, allowing the transmission of program material across the country — 50 years since Project Australia [2020]

9 July 1974: ABC in Melbourne premieres the six-part comedy series And The Big Men Fly, based on the stage play about a fictional Australian rules football team and its search for a star player. The series made its debut in Sydney on 28 July, and later in other states — And The Big Men Fly

And The Big Men Fly: Diane Craig, John Hargreaves, Frank Wilson, Reg Evans

9 July 1979: The debut of the Seven Network‘s airport drama Skyways, starring Tony Bonner, Bruce Barry, Ken James, Tina Bursill, Brian James, Joanne Samuel, Deborah Coulls, Judy Morris and Bartholomew John. Screening back-to-back with Cop Shop two nights a week, it was axed after two years.

9 July 1997: SBS premieres four-part series An Australian Odyssey. British presenter Oz Clarke explores the history of Australian wine, visits famous wine areas and the influence of immigrants on Australia’s wine culture.

9 July 2001: The Nine Network premieres children’s drama series Outriders, starring Kate Raison, Abbie Cornish, Luise Helm, Oliver Ackland and Mark Furze.

9 July 2007: The Seven Network premieres factual series Surf Patrol, following the work of volunteer surf lifesavers.

9 July 2017: The Nine Network premieres Australian Ninja Warrior with hosts Rebecca Maddern and Ben Fordham.

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