8 June 1968: Dawn Lake and Bobby Limb (Sound Of Music)

8 June 1969: George Mallaby (Homicide)

8 June 1974: George Mallaby (The Box)

8 June 1991: Jo Bailey (Sale Of The Century)

8 June 1996: Nicky Buckley (Sale Of The Century) and Sam Newman (The Footy Show)

8 June 2002: Libby Tanner (All Saints)

8 June 1985: Hey Hey It’s Saturday moves from 9.30pm to 6.30pm.

8 June 1992: ABC launches a new afternoon game show, Vidiot, hosted by Eden Gaha.

8 June 1993: ABC premieres the five-part documentary series Labor In Power, tracing the first ten years of the Hawke-Keating government.

8 June 1996: SBS‘ coverage of the Euro ’96 football championship begins with live coverage of the opening ceremony from Wembley Stadium, followed by the first match — England versus Switzerland.

6 June 1999: ABC presents a special 30th anniversary edition of current affairs program Behind The News, with host Tania Nugent.

8 June 1990: SBS begins its coverage of the FIFA World Cup from Italy. SBS was offering the most comprehensive World Cup coverage in Australian television history to date, with all 52 games broadcast live, or close to live due to some scheduling conflicts — SBS wins the World Cup [2020]

8 June 2001: To commemorate the Centenary of Federation, SBS premieres Hybrid Life, a 13-part series reflecting the experience of second and third generation Australians.

8 June 2005: Network Ten premieres Stooged with Rob Mills and Yvette Duncan.

8 June 2006: On the eve of the opening of the FIFA World Cup from Germany, SBS premieres The FIFA World Cup Show with Les Murray, Craig Foster and Tracey Holmes as a daily summary of events.

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