5 February 1964: Bob Dyer (BP Pick-A-Box)

5 February 1977: Paul Cronin and Lorraine Bayly (The Sullivans)

5 February 1983: Tony Barber (Sale Of The Century)

5 February 2000: Lisa McCune and Martin Sacks (Blue Heelers)

5 February 2005: Chris Hemsworth and Rebecca Cartwright (Home And Away)

5 February 1968: Adventure series Skippy The Bush Kangaroo debuts on Nine — Skippy turns 50 [2018]

5 February 1973: Mike Walsh returns to television with his new daytime variety show, The Mike Walsh Show, airing on the 0-10 Network — The Mike Walsh Show goes online [2018]

5 February 1979: Former Brisbane television presenter Annette Allison begins as newsreader at Eyewitness News in Melbourne, working alongside Bruce Mansfield.

5 February 1993: The Seven Network launches travel series The Great Outdoors, featuring Penny Cook, Ernie Dingo, Sofie Formica, Rex Hunt, Jack Absalom, Ted Egan, Neil Crompton, Bridget Adams and Sharon Tyrrell.

5 February 2000: Molly Meldrum and Leah McLeod host the debut of Ten‘s new pop music show House Of Hits, incorporating video clips, live performances and guest co-hosts.

5 February 2001: The Australian version of game show The Weakest Link begins on Seven, hosted by Cornelia Frances.

5 February 2007: SBS, Fox Sports 1 and ESPN present coverage of Superbowl XLI, live from Miami Gardens, Florida.

5 February 2009: Network Ten launches new factual series Bondi Vet, featuring Dr Chris Brown at the Bondi Junction Veterinary Hospital.

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  1. I want to go back in time and save Maggie from being killed in Blue Heelers and I’ve been missing her all the time.
    In 2004 when Lisa McCune made a brief return to the show and appeared in a flashback scene about her death, I wrote a short story about if she alive when Lisa lefts the show and I made two copies with a photocopy and send it both to the show and an adult education school where I worked but it got published in an adult education school’s 2005 calendar. This is what I wrote:
    What if Maggie Doyle is still alive when Lisa McCune left Blue Heelers [without being killed off]?

    It was Wednesday June 30 2004 and the episode of Blue Heelers is about memories of Maggie Doyle, which was aired on TV tonight. I was woke up, fell out of bed, hopped in a shower, got dry, combed my hair, got dressed, had breakfast and cleaned my teeth. Then put on my coat, hat and sunglasses and am now in disguise so I gave myself a name-“Molly” or “Shirl”. Finally, I wrote a note for my mum about being away from home and put it on the bench.

    Later I arrived at the scrap yard and when I entered this yard, I saw a “Time Machine”. Could it be a mysterious Police Box from Doctor Who, and I also saw that Doctor Who had arrived. He saw me disguised as Molly or Shirl and said to me, “Who the devil are you?” I said [as Molly or Shirl], “My name is Molly or Shirl, and I want to go back to 1999 or 2000 to change please.” “To change what?” said the Doctor. I said as [Molly or Shirl], “To change Maggie Doyle so she is still alive when Lisa McCune left Blue Heelers without being killed-off in the show.” “Alright come with me and I’ll take you to 1999 or 2000” said the Doctor. So the Doctor and I walked to the police box, entered and then we went back to 1999 or 2000. The police box disappeared and is going back to 1999 or 2000.

    It was the year 1999 or 2000 and the place was South Melbourne or Southbank in Melbourne. The Police Box appears and on the inside, I said to Doctor Who [I’m still disguised as Molly or Shirl], “You stay there and I’ll go to Channel 7 studios. I entered the studios and I ran to the office, which has got the scriptwriters and script editors of Blue Heelers.

    I opened the door and in the office there was a group of scriptwriters and script editors of Blue Heelers who saw me as Molly or Shirl and I said [as Molly or Shirl] to them, “Yo, listen me up! My name is Molly or Shirl. I want you to change and write a script about to turn Maggie Doyle into still alive and leaving to Melbourne without being killed-off right now and please, you the scriptwriters and script editors of Blue Heelers when Lisa McCune lefts the series!” “Yes sir.” said the producer of Blue Heelers.

    I shut the door and I left the building and also, I ran to the police box, entered and said [as Molly or Shirl] to Doctor Who, “Take me back to Wednesday June 30 2004!” Then, the police box disappeared and went back to 2004 [this year]. It was the year 2004 [this year] and the place was a scrap yard. The police box reappears and I left the Police Box, exit from this yard and ran home because this is no secret about Maggie!

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