18 January 1975: Elaine Lee (Number 96)

18 January 1997: Nicola Charles and Emma Harrison (Neighbours)

18 January 2003: Tammin Sursok and Kip Gamblin (Home And Away)

18 January 1982: The premiere of the Seven Network soap opera Sons And Daughters with episodes one, two and three combined into a movie-length debut — Sons And Daughters at 40 [2022]

18 January 1988: Seven launches its revamped and retitled half-hour news bulletin, Seven Nightly News; its new current affairs program, Hinch At Seven, with Derryn Hinch (pictured); and starts nightly episodes of Home And Away (after its movie-length pilot screened the previous night). Nine launches a revival of the A Current Affair title with former 60 Minutes reporter Jana Wendt as host.

18 January 1994: The Seven Network debuts its new cop drama Blue Heelers, starring John Wood, Martin Sacks, Grant Bowler, William McInnes, Julie Nihill and newcomer Lisa McCune.

18 January 1996: The ABC special First Day looks at the different experiences of a range of five-year-olds as they prepare for their first day of school.

18 January 2010: The Lifestyle Channel debuts the Australian franchise of UK series Come Dine With Me.

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