19 January 1980: Reg Gorman (The Sullivans)

19 January 1980: Gerard Maguire and Elspeth Ballantyne (Prisoner)

19 January 1985: Mary Hardy

19 January 1991: Alyce Platt (Sale Of The Century)

19 January 2002: Kym Valentine, Dan Paris, Noah Sutherland (Neighbours)

19 January 2008: Natalie Blair (Neighbours), Wil Traval (All Saints)

19 January 1957: Opening night for Melbourne’s second commercial channel, GTV9. The broadcast was highlighted by the arrival of Governor Sir Dallas Brooks, who entered the studio in a chauffeur-driven limousine before officially opening the new channel. The two-hour variety show that followed set the tone that GTV9 was going to be heavily into live variety — elements of which continued to appear on the channel for decades to follow — TV At 60: Viewing’s fine on GTV9 [2017]

19 January 1980: The final day for ATV0 before it re-launches as ATV10 the next day — Melbourne moves up from Channel 0 to 10 [2010]

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