Tuesday 18 January 1994 — MELBOURNE

The Seven Network debuts its new cop drama Blue Heelers, starring John Wood, Martin Sacks, Grant Bowler, William McInnes, Julie Nihill and newcomer Lisa McCune.

HSV7 was forced to replay the debut episode later in the week as a lengthy segment of the show was affected by audio problems in transmission, rendering much of the debut episode inaudible.

Source: TV Week, 15 January 1994

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6am Bill Cosby’s You Bet Your Life
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6.30 Neighbours (Rpt)
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7.30 Open Learning (cont’d)
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12.30 Movie: Smash And Grab. 1937 (B&W) [IMDB]
12pm Movie: The Seventh Cavalry. 1956 [IMDB] 12pm Sally Jessy Raphael 12.30pm Worldwatch: 12.30 Business Report (USA), 1pm The MacNeil Lehrer Newshour (USA)
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7PM  7pm ABC News. Edwin Maher
7.30 The 7.30 Report — Summer Edition. Peter Couchman
7pm Home And Away
7.30 Blue Heelers PREMIERE John Wood, Lisa McCune, Grant Bowler, Martin Sacks, William McInnes, Julie Nihill, Ann Burbrook
7pm The Price Is Right. Larry Emdur
7.30 The Commish
7pm Who’s The Boss?
7.30 Roseanne
7pm Greek Fire
7.30 Goal!
8PM  8pm Everybody. Lisa Forrest, Dr Caroline West, Geoff Sims, Ian Parmenter
8.30 GBH
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8.30 Melrose Place
8pm Pirates
8.30 The Cutting Edge: Fast Life In The Food Chain
9PM  9.30 Blackout. Aaron Pedersen 9.30 Law And Order 9.30 Movie: A Short Film About Killing. 1986 (Poland) [IMDB]
10PM  10pm Red Dwarf
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10.30 Nightline. Jim Waley
10.30 Ten Eyewitness News 10.55 Miguel Servet (Spain)
11PM  11pm The Late Show With David Letterman 11pm Sports Tonight
11.30 The Fugitive
11.55 Mini-Series: Cinema. Part I (France) [IMDB]
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1AM  1am Stalin 1am Body Mind And Spirit
1.30 Movie: House Of Wax. 1953 [IMDB]
1.30 Movie: The Perfect Match. 1987 [IMDB] 1.15am Close
2AM  2am Movie: Hi Gang! (B&W) [IMDB] 2.30 Movie: Mace. 1987 [IMDB]
3AM  3.35 Crosby On Quality 3.10 Movie: Force On Thunder Mountain. 1977 [IMDB] 3.30 Get A Life
4AM  4am I Love Lucy (B&W)
4.35 Doctor Who
4.10 Aboriginal Australia
4.15 Movie: Wildrose. 1984 [IMDB]
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4am Prisoner
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