On This Day — 1 August

1 August 1992: Rachel Blakely (Neighbours)

1 August 1998: Swimmer Sam Riley and Ironman Trevor Hendy

1 August 1964: Melbourne becomes Australia’s first four-station market with the official opening of ATV0. The new channel is the first of the Independent Television System network now known as Network Ten. The opening night line-up includes a variety/comedy special, This Is It, hosted by station personality Ray Taylor — ATV0: From Go!! to Ten [2014]

1 August 1971: Mass For You At Home, the weekly Catholic Mass, makes its first appearance on ATV0, presented by Father Michael King — a well-known local media identity whose television appearances also included In Melbourne Tonight and even a guest appearance (as himself) in an episode of Homicide. Mass For You At Home is still in production in 2023 and airs on Network Ten and pay-TV channel Aurora.

1 August 1971: The American Apollo 15 mission’s second day on the moon has live coverage.

1 August 1990: Seven begins the two-part mini-series, Flair, where Tessa Clarke (Heather Thomas) returns to Australia intent on establishing her own design empire. However her plans are crushed when a former employer wins a court claim on her designs and she flees to the Gold Coast, where she falls for a handsome nightclub owner who drags her into a seedy world. Flair also starred Andrew Clarke (Anzacs), Elaine Smith (Neighbours), Rowena Wallace (Sons And Daughters) and Charles ‘Bud’ Tingwell.

1 August 1993: The FIFA World Cup Qualifier — Australia versus Canada — is broadcast live from Alberta, Canada, on SBS.

1 August 1994: ABC‘s TVTV returns, now based in Melbourne, with new hosts Mark Mitchell and Tiffany Lamb.

1 August 2006: The premiere of Yasmin’s Getting Married, the would-be reality TV quest to find a groom for potential bride Yasmin Dale (pictured). Ratings were poor and the show was axed only four days into its planned nine-week run.


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