8 July 1972: Grigor Taylor, Michael Pate, Paul Cronin, Vic Gordon (Matlock Police)

8 July 1995: Melissa George (Home And Away) and Kimberley Joseph (Gladiators)

8 July 2000: Bec Cartwright (and sister Kristy) and Kym Valentine (and sister Shayne)

8 July 2006: Aaron Jeffery and Michelle Langstone (McLeod’s Daughters)

8 July 1972: ABC has live coverage from the Men’s Singles Final (Stan Smith versus Ilie Năstase) from Wimbledon.

8 July 1992: Interview program Face The Press (SBS) presents its 100th episode as three former Prime Ministers — Gough Whitlam, Malcolm Fraser and Bob Hawke — face questions about Australia in the 21st Century.

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