7 July 1971: Kamahl

7 July 1973: Johnny Lockwood and Candy Raymond (Number 96)

7 July 1979: Bruce Barry, Deborah Coulls, Bartholomew John (Skyways)

7 July 1990: Sharyn Hodgson and Julian McMahon (Home And Away)

7 July 2007: Jodi Gordon and Paul O’Brien (Home And Away)

7 July 1982: The Mike Walsh Show celebrates its 2000th episode with a prime-time special featuring highlights of the program which began in 1973. Special guests include David Frost and Toni Lamond.

7 July 1983: The mini-series Women Of The Sun, broadcast on SBS 0/28 in Sydney and Melbourne a year earlier, is re-run on ABC to a national audience. The four-part series is broadcast as two double-episodes over two Thursday nights.

7 July 1998: Good Morning Australia with Bert Newton celebrates its 1500th episode. The show began as The Morning Show in 1992 and took on the Good Morning Australia name the following year.


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