22 June 1974: Bert Newton and Patti McGrath

22 June 1985: Daryl Somers (Hey Hey It’s Saturday, Blankety Blanks) and Julie da Costa

22 June 1991: Jacki MacDonald (Australia’s Funniest Home Video Show) and Gina Riley (Fast Forward)

22 June 1965: Includes The Magic Circle Club, Homicide, In Melbourne Tonight, Beauty And The Beast and Video Village.

22 June 1972: Melbourne’s HSV7 televises the first Tattslotto draw, hosted by David Johnston and Lucy Kiraly40 is a Lotto years [2012]

22 June 1979: Marcia Hines returns to television with a new series, Marcia’s Music, on ABC. Glenn Shorrock and John Farnham are guests in the first episode.


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