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Tuesday 22 June 1965 — MELBOURNE

Source: TV Week, 19 June 1965

9AM 9.50am For Schools: Form 1 Maths
10AM 10.10 Close
10.40 For Schools: Form 1 Science – Oxygen, Discovering Why — Electricity, Form 2 Maths
11AM 11.50 Close 11.22am First Edition News
11.30 Movie: It’s Tough To Be Famous. 1932 [IMDB]
11.27am News Roundup
11.30 The Danny Thomas Show
12PM 12.30 Movie: The Black Glove. 1954 [IMDB] 12pm Burns And Allen
12.30 Movie: Meet Me After The Show. 1951 [IMDB]
1PM 1.25 For Schools: Discovering Why — Electricity, Form 1 Maths – Further Number Systems 1.55 Prize Rice Recipes. Margaret Fulton
2PM 2.10 Close
2.45 For Schools: Form 1 Science – Oxygen
2pm Beauty And The Beast
2.30 Father Knows Best
2pm It Could Be You
2.30 Take The Hint
3PM 3.05 Close 3pm Time For Terry. Terry O’Neill, Brian Naylor, Ian Turpie, Olivia Newton-John 3pm Concentration. Terry Dear
3.30 Empire
3pm Documentary
3.30 Romper Room
4PM 4.45 Playtime 4pm Video Village. Danny Webb, Elizabeth Harris, Chris Christensen
4.30 The Happy Show
4.30 The Bugs Bunny Show 4pm The Real McCoys
4.25 News Report
4.30 Fury
5PM 5pm Storybook 5pm Movie: The Prince Who Was A Thief. 1951 [IMDB] 5pm Movie: Fort Ti. 1953 [IMDB] 5pm The Magic Circle Club
5.30 News Report
5.35 The Buccaneers
6PM 6pm Quest Under Capricorn
6.30 Bootsie And Snudge
6.30 News. Geoff Raymond 6.30 News. Eric Pearce 6pm The Flintstones
6.25 Sergeant Bilko
6.55 News. Barry McQueen
7PM 7pm ABC News, Newsreel
7.30 People
7pm The Beverly Hillbillies
7.30 Homicide
7pm Samurai
7.30 The Dick Van Dyke Show
7pm Battle Line
7.30 Kentucky Jones
7.55 News
8PM 8pm The Danny Kaye Show
8.50 Background
8.30 Channing 8pm Movie: The Man Upstairs. 1959 [IMDB] 8pm Baileys Of Balboa
8.25 News
8.30 Movie: Here Comes The Groom. 1951 [IMDB]
9PM 9pm Impact 9.30 Movie: Kind Lady. 1951 [IMDB] 9.30 In Melbourne Tonight. Graham Kennedy
10PM 10pm ABC News, Weather
10.11 Dialogue. Bob Cornish
10.30 Jane Eyre
10.55 Close
10.55 Late News 10.45 Television City News 10.40 News
10.45 Emergency Ward 10
11PM 11.20 Close 11pm M Squad
11.30 Epilogue
11.35 Close
11.15 News
11.20 Rebel
11.45 Close

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