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Obituary: Judi Farr

Actress Judi Farr, best known from classic comedies like My Name’s McGooley, What’s Yours? and Kingswood Country, has died. With a career across film, stage and television, Farr came to fame as Rita Stiller in the 1960s sitcom My Name’s McGooley, What’s Yours? (pictured below with co-stars Gordon Chater and John Meillon) She reprised the …

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On This Day — 30 June

30 June 1973: Jamie Redfern 30 June 1979: Ian ‘Molly’ Meldrum (Countdown) 30 June 1979: Lenore Smith, Michael Smith, Victoria Nicolls (The Restless Years) 30 June 2001: Beau Brady and Bec Cartwright (Home And Away) 30 June 2007: Kate Ritchie and Chris Sadrinna (Home And Away) 30 June 1985: SBS extends its network to launch …

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On This Day — 29 June

29 June 1974: Joe Hasham (Number 96) and Paul Karo (The Box) 29 June 1991: Gina Riley, Marg Downey, Jane Turner, Steve Blackburn, Magda Szubanski (Fast Forward) 29 June 1996: Tasma Walton and Lisa McCune (Blue Heelers) 29 June 2002: Ditch Davey and Caroline Craig (Blue Heelers) 29 June 1987: Nine begins a re-run of …

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On This Day — 28 June

28 June 1980: Tina Bursill and Gerard Kennedy (Skyways) 28 June 2003: Jay Bunyan and Delta Goodrem (Neighbours) 28 June 2008: Indiana Evans, Mark Furze, Christie Hayes (Home And Away) 28 June 1967: The debut of the 26-part drama series You Can’t See Round Corners, starring Ken Shorter and Rowena Wallace. The series was an …

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On This Day — 27 June

27 June 1971: Bob and Dolly Dyer (BP Pick-A-Box) 27 June 1981: Lynda Stoner and Bill Stalker (Cop Shop) 27 June 1987: Jason Donovan and Kylie Minogue (Neighbours) 27 June 1987: Peter O’Brien (The Flying Doctors) 27 June 1992: Mat Stevenson (Home And Away), Jeremy Sims (Chances), Toni Pearen (E Street), Kym Wilson (A Country …

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On This Day — 26 June

26 June 1966: Ken Sparkes (bottom, centre) and the cast of Kommotion. 26 June 1971: Jeff Phillips (Happening ’71) 26 June 1982: Ian Turpie (The New Price Is Right) 26 June 1993: Kym Wilson (A Country Practice/Video Smash Hits) and Jane Turner (Full Frontal) 26 June 1999: David Wenham and Sigrid Thornton (Seachange) 26 June …

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On This Day — 25 June

25 June 1983: Cornelia Frances and Brian Blain (Sons And Daughters) 25 June 1988: Kylie Minogue and Jason Donovan (Neighbours) 25 June 1994: Lisa McCune (Blue Heelers) 25 June 2005: Jason Smith and Isabel Lucas (Home And Away)

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On This Day — 24 June

24 June 1967: Leonard Teale (Homicide) 24 June 1972: John Meillon (Over There) 24 June 1972: Lew Luton and Vivienne Garrett (Number 96) 24 June 1978: Ugly Dave Gray (Blankety Blanks) 24 June 1995: Nicky Buckley (Sale Of The Century) 24 June 2006: Jason Smith, Chris Hemsworth and Jodi Gordon (Home And Away) 24 June …

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On This Day — 23 June

23 June 1973: Chuck Faulkner, Frank Taylor, Pat Smith, Ted Hamilton, Gerard Kennedy and Terry Donovan (Division 4) 23 June 1979: Andrew McFarlane and Robert Coleby (Patrol Boat) 23 June 1990: Nicolle Dickson (with husband James Bell, left) and Alex Papps (Home And Away) 23 June 2001: Daniel MacPherson and Holly Valance (Neighbours) 23 June …

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Nickelodeon coming to free-to-air

Paramount Australia and New Zealand has announced that its Nickelodeon channel is moving from Foxtel to free-to-air on Network Ten. The change is set for 1 August, with 10Shake to be rebranded as Nickelodeon including the suite of pre-school, children’s, teen and young adult titles. In the evening, the channel will become Nick@Nite with programs …

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