Thursday 22 June 1972 — MELBOURNE

HSV7 televises the first Tattslotto draw, hosted by David Johnston and Lucy Kiraly

(Results of the first draw: 37,39,1,14,18,31 — Supp 30)

40 is a Lotto years [2012]

Source: TV News, 17 June 1972

abc_1965_bw 7logo_1970s_bw 9logo_1980s_bw atv0_1971_bw
7AM 7am Today 7am The Super Flying Fun Show 7am Cartoon Carnival
8AM 8am Sesame Street
8.55 Music
8.30 Here’s Humphrey 8.30 Kindy
9AM 9.50 Play School
For Schools programs between 9.10am and 2.55pm
9am Dina And Percy 9am Playroom
9.30 Nature Walkabout
9am Owly’s School
9.30 His And Hers
10AM 10am Movie: Bright Leaf. 1950 [IMDB] 10am The Unloved
10.30 Divorce Court
10am In Melbourne Today. Roy Hampson
11AM 11am Peyton Place
11.30 The Danny Thomas Show
11am Movie: Duffy’s Tavern. 1945 [IMDB]
12PM 12pm Three On A Match
12.25 News Headlines
12.30 Movie: The House Of Rothschild. 1934 [IMDB]
12pm Days Of Our Lives
12.25 Home Edition News
12.30 Movie: Sign Of The Ram. 1948 [IMDB]
12.30pm Movie: Cottage To Let. 1941 [IMDB]
1PM 1pm ABC News
1.05 Music
2PM 2pm Temptation. Tony Barber, Barbara Rogers 2pm General Hospital 2pm Adventures In Paradise
3PM 3.25 Hubble Bubble
3.35 Play School
3pm Beauty And The Beast. John Forgeham, Freda Leslie, Ena Harwood, Pat Firman, Pat Lovell 3pm Spending Spree
3.30 The Donna Reed Show
3pm The Ugly Dave Game
3.28 News
3.30 Tommy Hanlon’s Surprise Surprise
4PM 4pm Adventure Island
4.30 Sesame Street
4pm Archie’s TV Funnies
4.30 Abbott And Costello Cartoons
4pm Cartoon Corner 4pm Fredd Bear’s Super Cartoon Show
4.58 News. Geoff Raymond
5PM 5.25 This Is Your World
5.40 The Smokey Bear Show
5pm Get Smart
5.30 Mister Ed
5pm National Velvet
5.30 Green Acres
5pm Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea
6PM 6pm Hey Presto, It’s Rolf
6.30 GTK
6.40 Bellbird
6.55 To Market To Market
6pm I Dream Of Jeannie
6.30 Seven National News. Mal Walden, David Johnston
6pm The Dick Van Dyke Show
6.30 National Nine News. John Bailey, Brian Smith
6pm Eyewitness News. Geoff Raymond, Tom Jones
6.30 Hogan’s Heroes
7PM 7pm ABC News, Weather
7.30 This Day Tonight. Bill Peach
7pm The Partners
7.30 Please Sir
7pm A Current Affair. Michael Willesee
7.30 Ironside
7pm The Moneymakers. Philip Brady
7.30 Matlock Police
8PM 8pm Matt Flinders
8.30 News In Brief
8.35 A Big Country
8pm The Fenn Street Gang
8.30 Tattslotto PREMIERE
8.40 McMillan And Wife
8.30 Movie: The Music Man. 1962 [IMDB] 8.30 Number 96
9PM 9.05 Kate
9.55 News, Weather
9pm Movie: Nothing But The Best. 1964 [IMDB]
10PM 10.05 Delta
10.55 Close
10.10 Jackie Barnett Special
11PM 11.10 League Teams. Jack Dyer, Lou Richards, Bob Davis
11.40 News, Weather
11.50 Movie: Edge Of Eternity. 1959 [IMDB]
11.25 News Headlines
11.30 Saturday’s Football Teams
11.50 Can You Top This
11pm News
11.05 Football News
11.15 Hee Haw
12AM 12.20am What’s My Line
12.50 Epilogue
12.55 Close
12.15am Weather, Close
1AM 1.20 Close