Television.AU wishes everyone a very Merry Christmas . This year’s Christmas flashback takes a trip down memory lane to some of the TV magazine covers that have marked this very special day…

Sue Donovan from Adventure Island.
TV Times, 1971

Mickie de Stoop, National Nine News (Melbourne).
Observer TV, 1976

John Ewart, Rosemary Paul and Kim Lewis from The Restless Years. TV Week, 1980.

Winky Dink, The Channel Niners (Adelaide).
TV Radio Extra, 1980

Alex Papps (Home And Away) and Josephine Mitchell (A Country Practice). TV Week, 1988

Kym Wilson (A Country Practice) and Matthew Krok (Hey Dad!). TV Week, 1992

Dieter Brummer (Home And Away) and Jo Bailey (Sale Of The Century). TV Week, 1993

Ben Unwin, Kristy Wright and Richard Grieve from Home And Away. TV Week, 1997

Martin Dingle-Wall (Home And Away), Michala Banas (Always Greener), Kate Ritchie (Home And Away) and Daniel Bowden (Always Greener). TV Week, 2001

Todd Lasance, Jessica Tovey and Lincoln Lewis from Home And Away. TV Week, 2008

Source: TV Times, 25 December 1971. TV Week, 27 December 1980, 24 December 1988, 23 December 1989, 19 December 1992, 25 December 1993, 20 December 1997, 22 December 2001, 20 December 2008. Observer TV, 19 December 1976. TV Radio Extra, 20 December 1980.

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