bobofaulknerBobo Faulkner, former model and Melbourne television personality, died earlier this month in the UK after a battle with cancer. She was 73.

Born Ann Minchin, she was given the nickname Bobo by her then husband, actor Trader Faulkner. She came to Australia from England in the late 1960s and was established as a model when she made the move to TV, co-hosting breakfast program Today for GTV9 with Mike Walsh.

She also made guest appearances in Division 4 and comedy series The Group.

In 1973, Faulkner featured in a controversial ABC documentary, The Polysaturated Male, where she defended the role of men in society and the challenges that men faced as the women’s liberation movement was in full swing.

Bobo Faulkner is survived by daughter Sasha and grandchildren Quinn, Eliza and Jamie.

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2 thoughts on “Obituary: Bobo Faulkner

  1. I remember Bobo as a beautiful woman however I would not take the opinions of celebrity women speaking about male’s need for ‘defence’ against the women’s movement especially not in the seventies. I remember the fuss this doco caused in the press.

    Sad she has died but hope over the years as a mother, then grandmother she changed her attitude just a bit.

    Although the status quo was useful to her career, perhaps not.

    Does remind us of how much our Industry was Eurocentric and demonstrates the Cultural Cringe in full swing back then.

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