misshelenaMiss Helena, one of the many presenters on Romper Room over its long run and various versions in Australia, was this morning’s guest panellist on Network Ten‘s Studio 10.

In remembering Romper Room viewers were not only reminded that fellow guest panellist Dan Ilic had featured on the show as a child, but a young James Mathison was also in one episode.

Romper Room, first created in the US in 1953, was first franchised in Australia in the early 1960s. Various versions were produced, including from ATN7 Sydney and QTQ9 Brisbane. Another series, from SAS10 Adelaide, was also broadcast in Melbourne and ran for ten years — while Newcastle station NBN3 produced one of the few (if not only) regional versions.

The ATN7 franchise, which ended up going national through the Seven Network, continued until 1988. An estimated 32,000 children appeared on the show during its long run and as well as Miss Helena there were a number of other Miss Romper Rooms — including Miss Susan, Miss Patricia, Miss Judy, Miss Colleen and Miss Megan.


Source: Sydney Morning Herald, 21 February 1983. Forty Years Of Television, ATN7, 1996.
YouTube: Studio 10




8 thoughts on “Studio 10 goes back to Romper Room

    1. Did u get a reply to ur question? I was on Romper Room as well and not sure if I can find the episode.

  1. i was on the show in 1987 and my parents were given two copies on vhs. according to channel 7, they didn’t keep copies of the show so the only copies in existence will be those vhs tapes. Ive just had mine converted to dvd and it has been amazing to watch! hope you guys can find your copies! i remember asking ch 7 if they wanted a copy but they said no! i would’ve thought they might like it considering so many people are hunting down their copy.

  2. I was on the very first shows of romper room back on 4th February till the 15 February it was channel 7 with Miss Susan.
    I was the very first one to dress Willy.
    I remember being on with some of the other children, Steven Felicity and John. then there were two others that were twins’ brother and sister.
    Back in 1983 they had a newspaper add asking for the original 6.
    But the add was put out too late. I did ring Ken Grass. at that time and he said that they went ahead and had the next 6 children. which was week 3 and 4.
    So, the 6 Original children from 1 and 2 shows were never shown. I have been trying over the years to find copies of the very first shows. apparently, they were taken to America as they had bought the show back then. and that is when Miss Susan went to America.
    Very unlikely to find anything from the first two weeks

  3. Hi,
    I was on Romper Room 1976 or 1977. I was wondering if there is any way of finding a copy. We’re our names recorded?

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