davidsale_0001English-born writer David Sale (pictured) was the creative force behind two of Australia’s most groundbreaking programs — The Mavis Bramston Show in the 1960s and Number 96 in the 1970s.

The Mavis Bramston Show, produced by Seven, was a weekly comedy revue which did not hold back in satirising various social and political issues at a time when Australia was still very conservative.  The cast included Gordon Chater, Carol Raye, Barry Creyton, June Salter, Johnny Lockwood, Hazel Phillips, Ron FrazerBarbara Angell and Maggie Dence as the fictional Mavis Bramston.

Number 96, which ran for six years, portrayed more social taboos in the guise of serial drama — with topics such as homosexuality, rape, abortion, prostitution, drugs, racism, sex and nudity all tackled at various levels.

Last week Sale appeared on Seven’s The Morning Show to talk about his new book, Number 96, Mavis Bramston And Me, which goes behind-the-scenes of the two groundbreaking shows:

Number 96, Mavis Bramston And Me is published by Vivid Publishing

Source: The Morning Show, Vivid Publishing

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