TV Week’s front covers of ‘96’

Following Sunday’s tribute to Number 96 and to mark the day of the 40th anniversary of the show’s premiere – it debuted on Sydney’s TEN10 on 13 March, 1972 – here are just some of the TV Week covers to have featured various series cast members over its six year run:

tvweek_270572 Abigail (Bev Houghton #1).  TV Week, 27 May 1972.

tvweek_240672 Lew Luton (Julian Myer) and Vivienne Garrett (Rose Godolfus).
TV Week, 24 June 1972.

tvweek_251172 Abigail (Bev Houghton) and Joe Hasham (Don Finlayson).
TV Week, 25 November 1972.

tvweek_050573 Lynn Rainbow (Sonia Vansard) and Tom Oliver (Jack Sellars) – married in real-life, not in the series.  TV Week, 5 May 1973.

tvweek_260573 Pat McDonald and Ron Shand (Dorrie and Herb Evans).
TV Week, 26 May 1973.

tvweek_080973 Sheila Kennelly and Gordon McDougall (Norma and Les Whittaker).  TV Week, 8 September 1973.

tvweek_011273 Vicki Raymond (Bev Houghton #2).
TV Week, 1 December 1973.

tvweek_010674 Pamela Garrick and Jeff Kevin (Patti and Arnold Feather).
TV Week, 1 June 1974.tvweek_290375 Joe Hasham (Don Finlayson).
TV Week, 29 March 1975.

tvweek_120775 Joe Hasham (Don Finlayson), Margaret Laurence (Liz Chalmers) and Pamela Gibbons (Grace “Prim” Primrose).  TV Week, 12 July 1975.

tvweek_170776 Justine Saunders (Rhonda Jackson).
TV Week, 17 July 1976.

tvweek_140876 Mike Dorsey and Wendy Blacklock
(Reg “Daddy” and Edie “Mummy” MacDonald).
TV Week, 14 August 1976.

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