tvtimes_301278 Holden rocks Hollywood
Mark Holden burst onto American TV screens in Hollywood’s Diamond Jubilee special. Within days the CBS network’s Hollywood offices were deluged with fan mail. But, despite his newfound attention, the Aussie pop star is keeping a low profile on the PR circuit. Besides, he has enough to keep him busy with writing and recording songs for his new album, working with a drama coach, and keeping various business appointments. And the phone doesn’t stop ringing. Holden’s new American album, to be released in 1979, will feature a new direction for him musically with a stronger focus on rock and roll.

The Dean Report
TV Times columnist Peter Dean looks back on the year 1978, describing it as a year ‘remarkable mediocrity, broken by the occasional oasis of quality’. Dean’s highlights of the year included imported series I Claudius, Are You Being Served?, The Incredible Hulk, Doctor Who and The Muppet Show. Current affairs program Willesee At Seven was the only Australian program to make his ‘best of’ list. Even big-ticket mini-series Holocaust, hailed as the TV event of the year, was reviewed by Dean as “a novelettish treatment of indescribable human agony, presented with slicknesss and flair, but failing to move or ignite.” Dean lamented the axe falling on current affairs programs This Day Tonight, Monday Conference and A Current Affair, and deemed Blankety Blanks the winner of the Vinegar Award for supremacy in bad taste. Sport had a bumper year with cricket, golf, tennis, racing, World Cup soccer and the Commonwealth Games.

bartholomewjohn Doctor on the glow
Feeling tired after a day at the office? Then go for a jog – that’s the advice given by Bartholomew John (pictured) the New Zealand actor appearing in The Young Doctors: “It’s the best way to get rid of tiredness. It wakes you up, sharpens your appetite – and puts the fridge out of reach so you don’t nibble.” He also suggests a quick dip afterwards, even in winter. “I’m certainly no Bondi iceberg but sometimes in winter, instead of going to the heated pool at the gym, I jump into the surf. But go for a run to warm up. It’s freezing in – but it is refreshing.”

The title of the new 0-10 Network drama series Prisoner has been changed to Women Behind Bars.

The second series of Father Dear Father, made in Australia for the Seven Network, is likely to be seen first in the United Kingdom where it is scheduled for screening in the new year.

Fred Parslow, who played Jarvis in The Sullivans, returns to Crawford Productions to play a guest role as a dodgy businessman in Cop Shop.

Viewpoint: Letters to the Editor:
Countdown is a very entertaining show and even my parents watch it sometimes, although they have the volume turned down low.” F. Allison, SA.

againstthewind “It is great that overseas networks have bought Against The Wind (pictured) as they now shouldn’t be so ignorant as to think that Australians only have koalas living in our backyard gum trees and kangaroos hopping in and out of shopping centres.” D. Hewett, VIC.

“Of all the Sunday night shows the various channels offer us, the ABC series Nicholas Nickleby, standards inestimably above the rest. With such perfect casting and brilliant overall production, shows like Nicholas Nickleby put the best of Australia’s and America’s dramatic offerings to shame.” E. Hawksford, NSW.

What’s On (December 30-January 6):
New Year’s Eve is Sunday, and ABC features British and American specials on the night before a New Year’s presentation at 11.59pm and music special Blood Sweat And Tears just after midnight. HSV7 presents New Year’s greetings at midnight, followed by a special edition of Nightmoves. GTV9 does little special for the evening with movies running through the night, and ATV0 closes down before midnight.

Sport continues throughout the week with the Australian Open from Melbourne, and Australian Hardcourt Championships from Tasmania, on HSV7, World Series Cricket on GTV9 and continuation of the cricket Third Test on ABC.

Source: TV Times (Melbourne edition), 30 December 1978. ABC/ACP

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