The Top End scores a Ten

180px-Ten_Network_Logo Viewers in Darwin will have a third commercial TV channel from Monday when Darwin Digital Television commences transmission.

The digital-only service, to broadcast on UHF channel 33, is the first new channel to commence operation in Darwin since Seven Darwin (now Southern Cross Darwin) commenced operation in March 1998.  Test transmissions for Darwin Digital commenced earlier this week and the new channel is set to launch at 6.00am on Monday 28 April.

Darwin Digital Television will provide viewers with a dedicated Network Ten signal similar to existing digital channels in Tasmania and Mildura.  The channel is a jointly-owned venture between Macquarie Southern Cross and Territory Television (PBL Media) – the licensees of the city’s two existing commercial channels – and finally brings Darwin into line with every other Australian capital city by providing a third commercial channel.

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  1. Oh goodie!
    Darwinites can be bored silly with Battlestar Galactica and The Bland and The Brainless too! 😛

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