30 May 1992: Rebekah Elmaloglou (Home And Away)

30 May 1998: Tempany Deckert (Home And Away)

30 May 2009: Tessa James and Conrad Coleby (Home And Away)

30 May 1979: GTV9, Melbourne, presents a one-hour special on the Billy Graham Sydney Crusade. The special aired on TCN9, Sydney, the following week.

30 May 1990: Network Ten presents coverage of Game Two of the Rugby League State Of Origin — Queensland versus NSW — from Olympic Park, Melbourne.

30 May 1991: Hampton Court, the spin-off series from Hey Dad!, debuts on Seven, starring Julie McGregor as wacky secretary Betty Wilson from Walgett

30 May 1999: SBS presents a delayed coverage of the 44th annual Eurovision Song Contest from Jerusalem, Israel, with commentary by Terry Wogan (BBC).

30 May 2005: The Sale Of The Century format is revived on Nine with the new title Temptation, hosted by Ed Phillips and Livinia Nixon.

30 May 2006: Network Ten premieres sketch comedy series The Wedge, featuring Dailan Evans, Rebel Wilson, Cal Wilson, Jason Gann and Adam Zwar.

30 May 2009: The FA Cup Final — Chelsea versus Everton — is live on SBS from Wembley Stadium, London.

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