27 January 1973: Bert Newton (The Graham Kennedy Show)

27 January 1979: Paul Cronin (The Sullivans)

27 January 1979: Susan Hannaford (The Sullivans)

27 January 1979: Don Lane (The Don Lane Show)

27 January 1996: Kimberley Davies and Steven Jacobs (Just Kidding)

27 January 2001: Ben Tari, Ling-Hsueh Tang, Erik Thomson, Libby Tanner, Georgie Parker (All Saints)

27 January 1988: Ten debuts new soapie Richmond Hill, from Grundy Television and starring Ross Higgins, Paula Duncan, Gwen Plumb, Maggie Kirkpatrick,Emily Symons, Ashley Paske, Tim Elston, Dina Panozzo, Marc Grey, Felicity Soper, Dane Carson and Warren Blondell.

27 January 1990: Seven debuts two new Saturday morning programs, Saturday Disney and Video Smash Hits.

27 January 1992: ABC crosses to Minnesota, for live coverage of the Superbowl XXVI, hosted by Don Lane.

27 January 2003: SBS and ESPN broadcast the Superbowl XXXVII from Qualcomm Stadium, California, with a live morning telecast and re-run in the evening.

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