13 January 1971: Bob and Dolly Dyer (BP Pick-A-Box)

13 January 1979: Paula Duncan (Cop Shop)

13 January 1990: Craig McLachlan (Home And Away)

13 January 1996: Lisa McCune (Blue Heelers) and Tottie Goldsmith (Fire)

13 January 2001: Beau Brady, Rebecca Cartwright, Ryan Kwanten, Ada Nicodemou, Kylie Watson, Kimberley Davies, Ben Steel (Home And Away)

13 January 2007: Chris Sadrinna and Kate Ritchie (Home And Away)

13 January 1975: Number 96 returns for its fourth year on air. The new season debuts as the apartment block residents find out that a second murder has taken place in the building and the killer is still on the loose — Pantyhose Strangler strikes in September [2008]

YouTube: Steevee TV – Classic Australian Television

13 January 1991: Network Ten is relaunched as ‘The Entertainment Network’ with a new logo and a new resolve to focus on the under-40s demographic. Central to the new-look network’s line-up are new series The Simpsons and Twin Peaks and local dramas Neighbours and E Street — Flashback to ‘The Entertainment Network’ [2018]

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