12 January 1961: Lorrae Desmond (The Lorrae Desmond Show)

12 January 1974: Jimmy Hannan (Spending Spree, Split Second)

12 January 1985: Kim Lewis (Sons And Daughters)

12 January 1991: Alyssa-Jane Cook (E Street)

12 January 2002: Ada Nicodemou, Ryan Kwanten, Zac Drayson, Kimberley Cooper (Home And Away)

12 January 2008: Kate Ritchie and Amy Mathews (Home And Away)

12 January 1987: Seven begins its telecast of the Australian Open from Kooyong, Melbourne. It was the first Australian Open to be held in January and the last at Kooyong, moving the following year to the new Melbourne tennis centre.

12 January 1998: As part of its summer series, Four Corners features The Uncertain Eye, a four-part series of documentaries taking a look at the history of news and current affairs, presented by journalist Chris Masters.

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