10 August 1968: Gerard Kennedy (Hunter)

10 August 1974: Ernie Sigley (The Ernie Sigley Show)

10 August 1991: Georgie Parker (A Country Practice)

10 August 1996: Swimmer Kieren Perkins with Kristy Wright and Nic Testoni (Home And Away)

10 August 2002: Alison Whyte and Lisa McCune (Marshall Law)

10 August 2002: Rove McManus (Rove Live)

10 August 1960: ABV2, Melbourne, screens the play The Square Ring, the story of the conflicting emotions of six boxers preparing for their evening fights. Scripted by Adelaide writer Ralph Peterson, The Square Ring cast included Edward Hepple, John Fegan, Owen Weingott, Ken Goodlet, Ben Gabriel and Max Osbiston. The play was originally performed and broadcast by ABN2 in Sydney in April.

10 August 1991: Ten debuts a new children’s series, Kelly, about a smarter than average police dog, starring Gil Tucker and Alexander Kemp.

10 August 2003: William McInnes, Angie Milliken and Tim Draxl star in the premiere of ABC‘s The Shark Net, a three-part series taken from Robert Drewe‘s memoir about his early life growing up during the reign of one of Australia’s most notorious serial killers.

10 August 2004: Seven begins its coverage of The Games Of The XXVIII Olympiad from Athens, Greece, in partnership with SBS.

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