11 August 1973: Jeff Kevin (Number 96)

11 August 1979: Jamie Gleeson, Peter Mochrie, Lenore Smith (The Restless Years)

11 August 1990: Simone Buchanan (Hey Dad) and Adriana Xenides (Wheel Of Fortune)

11 August 2001: Joy Smithers and Erik Thomson (All Saints)

11 August 2007: Simmone Jade Mackinnon (McLeod’s Daughters), Jane Turner and Gina Riley (Kath And Kim)

11 August 1977: The 1218th and final episode of Number 96 airs on TEN10, Sydney. The episode signs off with a curtain call of cast members that have featured through the series.

11 August 1991: Nine‘s 60 Minutes celebrates its 500th edition.

11 August 1993: The mini-series adaptation of Ben Elton‘s book Stark makes its debut on ABC.

11 August 1996: Melbourne’s GTV9 screens the special Has The Weather Gone Mad?, hosted by Rob Gell and Tracey Dale, providing an insight into Melbourne’s unpredictable weather and what the future has in store for Victoria.


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