Children of the 1980s can feel a little bit older knowing that today marks the 30th anniversary of the wedding of Neighbours teen sweethearts Scott Robinson and Charlene Ramsay (Jason Donovan and Kylie Minogue).

The wedding, broadcast on 1 July 1987, brought together the two neighbouring (and sometimes warring) families. It marked the culmination of a 12-month romance between the high school student Scott and apprentice motor mechanic Charlene. The wedding also came in a year that Donovan had won the TV Week Logie for Most Popular New Talent and Minogue for Most Popular Actress.

The wedding episode was ratings gold for the Ten Network and created a chart-topper for Angry Anderson, whose song Suddenly played as Scott and Charlene tied the knot.

Though no sooner had the honeymoon ended for the couple, the pair had been offered a house in Brisbane by Charlene’s grandfather Dan Ramsay (Syd Conabere). The storyline served as Minogue’s exit from the series, with Donovan following later.

The wedding of Scott and Charlene would also become pivotal in a much later storyline. Almost a decade after the wedding, the Ramsay and Robinson families had once again been feuding and to resolve the conflict Helen Daniels (Anne Haddy) brought out the tape of the wedding to show both families in happier times. The families resolved their feud, and a relieved Helen would drift off to sleep — and peacefully passed away — marking Haddy’s departure from the show after 14 years.

Though the famous couple have yet to be seen again in Ramsay Street the series has brought us two of their offspring in recent years — son Daniel (Tim Phillipps) and daughter Madison (Sarah Ellen).

Source: TV Week, 27 June 1987

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