Another channel has just joined our free-to-air ranks.

Channel 78, formerly the home of infomercial channel Fresh Ideas TV, has relaunched as a racing station from the Seven Network in association with Racing Victoria.

As part of its broadcast rights agreement with Racing Victoria (RV) and as an interim measure following the cessation of Victorian racing coverage via Sky Racing, Seven’s new channel will be broadcasting the online stream of the website until such time as the new RV channel is launched — currently scheduled for 29 August.

The new channel will give viewers in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth access to coverage of all Victorian races.

Unlike other channels on the free to air platform, Channel 78 is broadcasting as an MPEG4 service which should be compatible with recent model tuners. Viewers with older tuners, possibly purchased prior to 2009, may need to upgrade or purchase a new receiver or Personal Video Recorder.

RV and Seven will be working on extending the channel’s availability to areas outside of the Seven Network coverage. Discussions also continue with Tabcorp to resume Victorian racing broadcasts on Sky Racing.



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