tvweek_191194Talk To The Animals in Africa
While filming for Talk To The Animals in Africa, reporter Steve Oemcke was convinced he was going to die when an elephant charged at him. He was using a video camera to tape the crew bravely filming the elephants at close range: “I was filming this elephant, then swinging to film the crew, then back to the elephant. All of a sudden, I realised the elephant was looking right at me! The crew was now filming something else. His ears were right out, and he was stamping the ground. Then he started running towards me. I thought, ‘It’s going to kill me’.” The elephant suddenly pulled up, allowing Oemcke time to run back to the vehicle and jump in. Fellow reporter Kelly Pummeroy (pictured) also had a close call with a rhinoceros that has a 24-hour bodyguard. During filming, the rhino suddenly charged at the camera crew: “The cameraman ran one side of the tree and the sound recordist ran the other. I was standing there with a handful of lucerne, and I didn’t know what to do… so I offered the lucerne to him to try to calm him down. Apparently that was a very stupid thing to do, and I was lucky he didn’t go for me.” She at least looks a little more relaxed while posing for TV Week‘s cover photo at Melbourne’s Werribee Zoo, but noted the large rhino behind her: “You will tell me if he moves towards me — at all — won’t you?”

Soap wedding hoax!
This year’s final episode of Neighbours for the year will reveal that the wedding of Mark Gottlieb (Bruce Samazan) and Annalise Hartman (Kimberley Davies) is not meant to be. A Network Ten source confirmed that “they don’t even walk down the aisle, let alone say ‘I do’.” The last minute drama comes as Mark decides he wants to become a priest. Samazan’s contract to Neighbours allows him two months off to travel to the UK, so this storyline allows his character some time away from Ramsay Street.

dalestephensThe force is with Dale
Actress Dale Stevens (pictured) is accustomed to playing crooks, but now she’s on the right side of the law as trainee detective Rose Egan in Blue Heelers. In researching for the role, Stevens spent time at a real police station. “It was great to hear from the sergeant there how much the Victorian police like Blue Heelers, and that they appreciate the attention to detail in the show,” she told TV Week. After working and studying in London, Melbourne-born Stevens went to New Zealand to work in films and appear in drama series Shortland Street — but one of her favourite roles was here in Australia, in Col’n Carpenter… as Col’n’s transvestite brother. “It was a real hoot, and I was amazed at how much I looked the part — in fact it was frightening!”


  • The Home And Away wedding between Shane (Dieter Brummer) and Angel (Melissa George) is not expected to appear on screen until next April, but TV Week has heard of a twist to the story. Angel is set to be involved in a car accident, leaving her unable to walk. But in true soapie style, she will get up out of the wheelchair on her wedding day just in time to walk down the aisle.
  • andrewblackmanWith A Country Practice now axed (again!), Andrew Blackman (pictured) who plays Dr Harry Morrison is now set for a role in The Feds for the Nine Network.
  • Former Home And Away star Mat Stevenson will soon be seen in a guest role in Blue Heelers, playing the part of an assault victim. The case becomes complicated when the attacker, to be played by Terry Serio, is found out to be HIV positive.
  • Rumour is that Andrew Denton won’t be back on the Seven Network in the new year. Ratings for his late night program Denton haven’t been brilliant.

TV’s Top 20 (Week Commencing 30 October): 

Rank Program Network Day(s) Viewers
1 Movie: Crocodile Dundee 2 Nine Sun 2499000
2 Just Kidding Nine Tue 2201000
3 Australia’s Funniest Home Video Show Nine Tue 1909000
4 Getaway Nine Thu 1842000
5 Burke’s Backyard Nine Fri 1818000
6 Our House Nine Wed 1746000
7 A Current Affair Nine M-Th 1730000
8 Money Nine Wed 1718000
9 National Nine News Nine M-F 1657000
10 Home Improvement Seven Wed 1639000
11 60 Minutes Nine Sun 1625000
12 Lois & Clark The New Adventures Of Superman Seven Mon 1619000
13 Fast Forward’s Funniest TV Send Ups Seven Wed 1584000
14 Home Improvement Seven Sun 1578000
15 Movie: The Witches Seven Fri 1537000
16 Sale Of The Century Nine M-Th 1534000
17 ABBA Revival Nine Mon 1508000
18 The World’s Greatest TV Commercials Nine Sun 1507000
19 Blossom Seven Thu 1497000
20 Full Frontal Seven Thu 1488000

Lawrie Masterson: The View From Here

bertanddon“There’s no doubt that the Very Latest Rage on television is nostalgia. In recent weeks we have revisited that redoubtable old cop show Homicide (Seven); we’ve remembered what it used to be like in the days of live variety with The Very Best Of The Don Lane Show (Nine); and with the Countdown 20th anniversary tribute show (ABC), we’ve recalled the days before Molly wore a hat, when he was just plain Ian. The Countdown special had more publicity than the rest of them put together, but, inexplicably, did not generate the public response the ABC — and I agreed with them — had expected. Even Network Ten, which is the young whippersnapper of the commercial networks in comparative terms, is getting into nostalgia. When Melbourne’s ATV10 (formerly ATV0) chalked up its 30th anniversary in August, it was allowed to pass with what amounted to only cursory recognition. Sydney’s TEN10 turns 30 next April and, with nostalgia running rampant in the ratings, it will be interesting to see what happens then.”

Program Highlights (Melbourne, November 19-25):
Saturday: In the final (ever) episode of A Country Practice (5.30pm, Ten), Esme Watson (Joyce Jacobs) suffers a stroke and the prognosis is not good; Harry (Andrew Blackman) attempts to fight for and win Jess (Jane Hall) back; and Danny (Vince Colosimo) and Claire (Claudia Black) finally get engaged.

Sunday: In Banjo Paterson’s Man From Snowy River (6.30pm, Nine), everyone is excited that the railway is coming to Paterson’s Ridge, except Kathleen (Wendy Hughes), because it run through her property. Sunday night movies are The Last Of The Mohicans (Seven) and The Heartbreak Kid (Ten), with three-part mini-series Scarlett making its debut (Nine).

abigailjoehashamMonday: Model Rachel Hunter hosts Weddings (7.30pm, Nine), providing a close-up look at three couples as they plan their big day. In the year’s final episode of Healthy Wealthy And Wise (7.30pm, Ten), Jim Brown looks at the most popular sport in Australia — lawn bowls; Iain Hewitson makes a summer recipe using pears; Lyn Talbot looks at the benefits of massage; and Peter Wherrett explains why car enthusiasts are having Austin Healys restored. The classic ’70s Aussie drama Number 96 is remembered in the special Number 96: They Said It Wouldn’t Last (8.30pm, Ten), originally produced in 1976 to commemorate the show’s 1000th episode — featuring segments hosted by Abigail (pictured with Joe Hasham), Elaine Lee, James Elliott, Elisabeth Kirkby, Johnny Lockwood, Philippa Baker and Bettina Welch.

Weddings. YouTube: Vaxman80

Tuesday: In Neighbours (6.30pm, Ten), with the kids away, Karl (Alan Fletcher) and Susan (Jackie Woodburne) try to have a second honeymoon. In the series final of Blue Heelers (7.30pm, Seven), Maggie’s (Lisa McCune) hopes of being made trainee detective take a nosedive when she finds out that PJ (Martin Sacks) promised he will give Constable Rose Egan (Dale Stevens) a trial go.

Wednesday: In Home And Away (7pm, Seven), the children are forced to make a decision between Christmas with Pippa (Debra Lawrance) or Michael (Dennis Coard).

Thursday: Getaway (7.30pm, Nine) presents its Top Five special — naming Australia’s top five beaches, bushwalks, camping sites, caravan parks, islands and romantic holidays. Full Frontal (8.30pm, Seven) and Denton (10.30pm, Seven) present their last shows for the year. The Best Of The Footy Show ’94 (9.30pm, Nine) takes a look back at some of the highlights from The Footy Show during the year.

Friday: The First Test, Australia versus England, begins in Brisbane (10.50am, Nine). Neighbours (6.30pm, Ten) and Home And Away (7pm, Seven) present their last episodes for the year. Man O Man (7.30pm, Seven) presents a Footballers’ Special for its final show for 1994 — including a cast of Aussie Rules, Rugby League and Soccer stars.

Source: TV Week (Melbourne edition), incorporating TV Times and TV Guide. 19 November 1994. Southdown Press




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