Obituary: Bill Kerr

billkerrBill Kerr, veteran actor from radio, stage, film and television, has died at his home in Western Australia at the age of 92.

Born into a Australian showbiz family on tour in South Africa in 1922, Kerr made his stage debut at only a few weeks of age — replacing a doll that his mother had been using on stage as a prop.

Growing up in Wagga Wagga, he became a child actor in early Australian films in the 1930s but got his big break in the 1950s in the British radio series Hancock’s Half-Hour where he played a dim-witted Australian sidekick.

He continued to work in the United Kingdom on stage, film and television, including roles in Benny Hill, Comedy Playhouse and Doctor Who.

He came back to Australia in the 1970s with roles in TV series Father Dear Father In Australia, Run From The Morning, Glenview High, The Young Doctors, Trial By Marriage and later Sons And Daughters.

He later appeared in telemovie Relatives and mini-series including 1915, Return To Eden, A Fortunate Life, Anzacs, The Heroes, The Private War Of Lucinda Smith, The River Kings and Snowy.

Kerr’s last TV credits included Minty, Ship To Shore, The Shark Net and Changi.

Source: The West Australian, IMDB, Classic Australian TV



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