alvinpurpleIn over 30 years in showbusiness, Graeme Blundell has authored books (including biographies of Graham Kennedy and artist Brett Whiteley) and worked on both sides of the camera and the stage – and despite appearing in countless television and film productions, he is most likely to be best remembered for his role as the ‘70s reluctant sex symbol Alvin Purple.

Alvin Purple, made in 1973, was Australia’s first R-rated movie production after the adults-only classification was first allowed in 1971.  A sequel, Alvin Purple Rides Again, followed in 1974.

In 1976, Alvin Purple returned with a 13-part TV series spin-off on ABC, and later re-run on the Seven Network.  The series featured a supporting cast including Judy Lynne, Jacki Weaver, Liz Harris, Noeline Brown, Chris Haywood, Syd Heylen, Dawn Lake, Chantal Contouri, John Ewart, Belinda Giblin and Judy Morris.

Later this month, Blundell is Peter Thompson’s guest on ABC’s weekly interview program Talking Heads where he discusses just how it feels to not be able to shake off the Alvin Purple persona.

Talking Heads.  Monday 29 June 6.30pm.  ABC1.  Repeated Tuesday 30 June 5.00pm, ABC2.

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  1. Seriously, when you've flashed your meat and 2 veg to all the populace of Oz can you honestly expect to not be typecast?

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