Last year, Seven decided to roll out early episodes of their hit ’80s soap Sons And Daughters in a daytime timeslot. The revival – loosely timed to coincide with the show’s 25th anniversary and DVD release – was short-lived as no sooner had lovers John (Peter Phelps) and Angela (Ally Fowler) been revealed to be long-lost brother and sister, that the re-runs were taken out of the schedule.

Fans could have therefore been excited to see the title re-appear in Seven’s afternoon line-up this week but would have since found that instead of the suburban Palmers and the snobby Hamiltons, there was an American sitcom which just happens to have the same title.

The US-styled Sons And Daughters was a short-lived production (only thirteen episodes) for commercial network ABC. For Australians the only familiar face among the cast list is Dee Wallace, best known for her role in the movie ET – The Extra Terrestrial.

Sons And Daughters, American-style, weekday afternoons on Seven*

Pictured: Rowena Wallace, Pat McDonald and Kim Lewis from the Australian Sons And Daughters.

* Melbourne. Other areas check local guides/affiliates

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