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Classic TV Guides: Not Seven’s finest hour

On Monday 13 April 1987, Melbourne’s HSV7 — under new management from Sydney-based media group Fairfax — launched its revamped Seven National News and started airing the Sydney-based Terry Willesee Tonight. Seven’s new newsreader was Greg Pearce, formerly from Perth but coming to Melbourne seemingly oblivious to the storm of resentment from Melbourne viewers who weeks …

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New Year, New Classic TV Guides

TCN9, Australia’s first TV station, was launched on Sunday, 16 September 1956. The station’s first week of programs feature in the latest additions to Classic TV Guides. TCN9’s first week of programming was a limited affair. The period from the station’s opening night in September through to the end of October was seen largely as …

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Classic TV Guides: Bert Newton around the dial!

If people in more recent times wanted to dub Eddie McGuire as “Eddie Everywhere”, then they would find McGuire to be an amateur compared to Bert Newton in July 1973. Newton had less than a year earlier lamented in a newspaper interview that he’d not had a lot of TV work during 1972, with his presenting commitments …

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Have we got TV Guides for you!

“Have we got a year for you!” — shouted the Nine Network‘s 1976 season launch. Nine’s campaign was fronted by Bob Maumill, a Perth identity who was part of TV’s new breed of “ocker” entertainers, and who was also to host a tonight show for the network. Maumill (pictured) was not to have a long TV career …

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Classic TV Guides: Bathurst 500

The Seven Network‘s telecast of the Bathurst 500 on Sunday 5 October 1969 boasted a leap in technology. A computer worth $1.75 million was linked to the racetrack to provide immediate overall and class placings. The coverage from Sydney’s ATN7 involved more than 60 technicians, camera operators and other station personnel. Setting up the outside broadcast …

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Classic TV Guides: The 1959 Royal Tour

The 1959 Australian visit by Princess Alexandra (pictured) was cause for Sydney’s three TV channels to jointly cover some of the official events during her brief stay in Canberra. Covering events from the national capital was a considerable technical exercise for ABC in setting up local outside broadcast facilities and getting pictures sent direct from Canberra to Sydney …

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Classic TV Guides: 10 more added

Ten more TV listings have been added to the Classic TV Guides. Sydney’s TEN10 was officially launched on Monday 5 April 1965. Now the guides for the following four days have been added: Tuesday 6 April 1965 — SYDNEY  Wednesday 7 April 1965 — SYDNEY  Thursday 8 April 1965 — SYDNEY  Friday 9 April 1965 — …

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Who remembers the Australia Games?

We might have done okay at the Olympic Games and better at the Commonwealth Games… but it seems we still had to have a Games to call our own. The inaugural Australia Games were held in Melbourne in 1985. The competition was timed to feature in Victoria’s 150th anniversary celebrations. But despite the name it …

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Television.AU October Update

Some updates of new Classic TV Guides and reminders of some blog posts that appeared during September CLASSIC TV GUIDES: VICTORIA Thursday 1 January 1959 — MELBOURNE Wednesday 2 February 1972 — MELBOURNE An industrial dispute interrupting power supplies forces TV stations to rigid restrictions in broadcast hours. Saturday 13 December 1975 — MELBOURNE 1975 …

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Television.AU August Update

Some non-blog updates for the month. CLASSIC TV GUIDES: Saturday 26 September 1987 — VICTORIA VFL Grand Final Saturday 31 December 1988 — VICTORIA Tuesday 11 September 2001 — MELBOURNE Monday 20 October 1958 — SYDNEY Autumn Affair begins Saturday 22 April 1972 — SYDNEY Friday 24 October 1980 — SYDNEY Official Opening SBS0/28 Monday 9 February …

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