It was a big deal when Neighbours made the switch from the Seven Network to Network Ten in 1986. Never before had a drama series switched networks and it was a bold move by Ten, particularly as the show’s main weakness at Seven was its ratings performance in Sydney.

Ten’s persistence in promoting the series to a reluctant Sydney audience eventually paid off and the show became a hit across the Ten network before being picked up by the BBC, triggering the show’s international success.


The launch of Neighbours for Network Ten 32 years ago is among the latest additions to Classic TV Guides:


1 thought on “Classic TV Guides: Neighbours’ new neighbourhood

  1. I remember TNT9 in Launceston and their Opening.
    Around that time I worked there for the Sales Manager -, Gordon Bonner. We had ‘live’ shows and one year had a Telethon with interstate guests including Ena Harwood. A smaller Station to my former workplace at TCN 9 Sydney but great memories. Bruce England was Prog.Manager and some years ago a reunion was held. TNT is now Southern Cross TV and has a good local news coverage as well as international and interstate. Love to hear from others on the staff at that time. Radio 7EX shared our building at the time.
    Caroline B.

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