16 September 1972: Johnny Lockwood and Abigail (Number 96)

16 September 1972: Mary Jane Boyd (The Matt Flinders Show)

16 September 1978: Judy Lynne, Bartholomew John, Lynda Stoner (The Young Doctors)

16 September 2006: Home And Away, McLeod’s Daughters, Neighbours, Australian Idol

16 September 1956: TCN9 Sydney becomes the first TV station to begin regular transmission. Station announcer John Godson introduces the station on-air at 7.00pm, then Bruce Gyngell introduces the first program, This Is TelevisionTV At 60: TCN9, Australia’s First Channel [2016]

16 September 1958: Two years after TV begins in Australia and prime-time is still almost entirely made up of imported content apart from news and Seven‘s Sydney Tonight.

16 September 1973: Talent quest New Faces with Frank Wilson celebrates its tenth anniversary with a special tribute show. This is followed by Quest Of Quests, hosted by Bert Newton, to announce Australia’s representatives at the upcoming Miss World, Miss Universe, Miss International, Miss Young International and Miss Asia pageants.

16 September 1974: The popularity of Number 96 in prime time prompts Ten to begin repeating early episodes of the series in daytime.

16 September 1984: Sunday night movies are Rough Cut (Seven), The Last Wave (Nine) and The Goodbye Girl (Ten).

16 September 1996: Nine‘s celebration of 40 years of television begins with the two-hour special 40 Years Of Television: The Reel History.

16 September 2008: ABC debuts six-part documentary series Two In The Top End, featuring writer and satirist John Doyle (of Roy And HG fame) and environmentalist Tim Flannery as they tour Australia’s northern regions.

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