28 August 1958: Panda Lisner (In Melbourne Tonight)

28 August 1959: Johnny O’Keefe (Six O’Clock Rock)

28 August 1965: Pop star Normie Rowe

28 August 1976: Victoria Quilter and Lucky Grills (Bluey)

28 August 1982: Rowena Wallace (Sons And Daughters)

28 August 1993: Cathy Godbold (Newlyweds)

28 August 1999: Jesse Spencer and Brooke Satchwell (Neighbours)

28 August 2004: Tammin Sursok and Kip Gamblin (Home And Away)

28 August 2010: Ray Meagher, Emily Symons, Ada Nicodemou (Home And Away)

28 August 1967: ABC premieres serial drama Bellbird. Set in a fictional country town of the same name, Bellbird went on for ten years, becoming a popular evening viewing habit particularly in country areasBack To Bellbird [2017]

28 August 1990: Beyond 2000 presents a 90-minute special edition, 20th Century Syndrome, looking at some aspects of our modern-day lifestyles and whether they are actually killing us.

28 August 2002: SBS debuts weekly drama series Twentyfourseven, based around the editorial offices of a magazine of the same name. Each episode was scripted and produced within the same week and allowed viewer interaction in determining the future of storylines. The concept was largely adapted from the previous SBS series Going Home, which operated to a similar production model but on a weeknightly basis. Twentyfourseven included cast Jenny Apostolou, John Atkinson, David Callan, Hayley McElhinney, Josh Lawson, Rockell Williamson and Caroline Brazier.

28 August 2008: As the 16th anniversary of the infamous special Australia’s Naughtiest Home Videos was approaching, Nine had Bert Newton host a largely uncensored screening of the show that Nine chairman Kerry Packer abruptly ordered to be pulled off air midway during its original airing in 1992.

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  1. Interesting to see that one of the 3 H&A Favourites who had 5 months to live back in 2010 is still going strong 🙂

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