14 August 1971: Gerard Kennedy (Division 4)

14 August 1971: Geoff Stone, Leo Port, Diana Fisher, Nick Lamont (The Inventors)

14 August 1976: Mike Dorsey and Wendy Blacklock (Number 96)

14 August 1976: Johnny Pace and Harriet (The Celebrity Game)

14 August 2004: James Mathison, Osher Günsberg and Australian Idol contestants

14 August 2010: Ray Meagher, Christian Clark, Tessa James (Home And Away)

14 August 1978: Journalist Mike Higgins presents a one-hour special, Queensland Exposed, exploring nude sunbathing on the Gold and Sunshine coasts and interviews with people at a nudist colony called The Sunshine Families. Beach inspectors and business people also offering their views on what is seen as an alternative lifestyle.

14 August 1997: Wendy Hughes leads the cast in the debut of Ten‘s new drama State Coroner. The series also features Paul Cronin (The Sullivans), Elaine Smith (Neighbours), Nick Carrafa (Neighbours), Robert Grubb (The Flying Doctors) and Alan Dale (Neighbours).


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