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On This Day — 30 January

30 January 1958: Graham Kennedy (and Panda Lisner posing as the “mystery bride”) (In Melbourne Tonight) 30 January 1963: Bobby Limb (The Mobil-Limb Show) 30 January 1971: Belinda Taubman (Sound Of Music) 30 January 1993: Kym Wilson (A Country Practice) 30 January 2010: Rebecca Breeds and Lincoln Lewis (Home And Away) 30 January 1984: Network …

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On This Day — 6 January

6 January 1971: Garry Pankhurst and Skippy (Skippy The Bush Kangaroo) 6 January 1973: Michael Pate (Matlock Police) 6 January 1973: Joe Hasham (Number 96) and Sue Phelan 6 January 1979: ABC Sportsman Of The Year 6 January 1990: Kylie Minogue 6 January 1996: TV Turns 40 6 January 2007: Home And Away 6 January …

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On This Day — 1 September

1 September 1979: Sam Neill and Susan Hannaford (The Sullivans) 1 September 1990: Georgie Parker and John Tarrant (A Country Practice) 1 September 2001: Conrad Coleby, Libby Tanner, Robert Coleby (All Saints) 1 September 2007: Kate Ritchie (Home And Away) 1 September 1974: The Paul Hogan Show special airs on Seven in Sydney and Melbourne, …

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On This Day — 29 August

29 August 1981: Ernie Sigley (Wheel Of Fortune) 29 August 1998: Diana, Princess Of Wales 29 August 1974: The Sydney debut of ABC drama series Rush, the Melbourne-based series set in the Victorian gold rush of the 1850s. The series made its Melbourne debut the previous week. The first series of Rush was produced in …

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On This Day — 11 August

11 August 1973: Jeff Kevin (Number 96) 11 August 1979: Jamie Gleeson, Peter Mochrie, Lenore Smith (The Restless Years) 11 August 1990: Simone Buchanan (Hey Dad) and Adriana Xenides (Wheel Of Fortune) 11 August 2001: Joy Smithers and Erik Thomson (All Saints) 11 August 2007: Simmone Jade Mackinnon (McLeod’s Daughters), Jane Turner and Gina Riley …

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TV Week Logie Awards: 25 years ago

It was a second Gold Logie in a row for Blue Heelers star Lisa McCune at the 40th annual TV Week Logie Awards, held at Melbourne’s Crown Entertainment Complex on 19 April 1998. She won the award ahead of her fellow nominees — Midday host Kerri-Anne Kennerley, Logies host Daryl Somers, A Current Affair host …

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On This Day — 27 July

27 July 1991: Marcus Graham and Alyssa-Jane Cook (E Street) 27 July 1996: Isla Fisher (Home And Away) 27 July 1971: Nine presents via satellite coverage of the heavyweight title fight between Muhammad Ali (Cassius Clay) and Jimmy Ellis, live from Houston Astrodome, Texas. 27 July 1978: ABC presents Quentin Crisp In Australia. Dubbed “England’s …

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On This Day — 6 July

  6 July 1974: John Hargreaves (And The Big Men Fly) 6 July 1974: Bob Francis and Anne Wills (Penthouse Club, Adelaide) 6 July 1996: Melissa George (Home And Away)   6 July 1987: With Perth still only having two commercial channels versus the three east coast commercial networks, some Network Ten programs are showing …

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On This Day — 13 June

13 June 1959: William Job and Henry Gilbert, starring in the ABC‘s adaptation of Shakespeare’s Hamlet, performed live from the studios of ABN2, Sydney. 13 June 1962: Panda Lisner (The Happy Show) 13 June 1981: Don Lane (The Don Lane Show) 13 June 1998: Ben Unwin and Sara Mumcu (Home And Away) 13 June 1973: …

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Tribute to Aussie Game Shows

In 1956 the first game show to appear on Australian television was TCN9’s Name That Tune, hosted by Bruce Gyngell. Since then, many thousands of hours of game shows have graced our screens across all networks, as well as community TV and pay TV. Some shows were popular and long-lasting — like Sale Of The Century and …

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