22 July 1972: Joe Hasham (Number 96)

22 July 1978: Bert Newton (The Don Lane Show, New Faces)

22 July 1989: Simone Buchanan and Chris Mayer (Hey Dad)

22 July 2000: Joy Smithers and Erik Thomson (All Saints)

22 July 2006: Kate Ritchie (Home And Away)

22 July 1974: Nine screens a delayed telecast of the Miss Universe pageant.

22 July 1979: ABC in Sydney and Melbourne presents the final instalment of multicultural television programs from the Special Broadcasting Service (SBS). A second series of test programming from SBS was to follow in 1980 before the broadcaster’s official launch in October 1980.

22 July 1981: Victoria’s television stations are forced to be restricted to only two hours of programming between 6 and 8pm in a bid to stem widespread power usage across the state following a snap strike called by power workers in the Latrobe Valley.

22 July 2010: ABC launches ABC News 24, the first 24-hour free-to-air news channel in Australia.


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