18 July 1987: Jason Donovan (Neighbours)

18 July 1992: Jeremy Sims and Ciri Thompson (Chances), Rebecca Gibney (All Together Now), Emily Symons and Vince Martin (Home And Away)

18 July 1998: Belinda Emmett (Home And Away, All Time Greatest Bloopers)

18 July 2009: Jodi Gordon and Bernard Curry (Home And Away)

18 July 1966: The Australian version of Play School, based on a BBC program of the same name, begins on ABCLooking back at 50 years of Play School [2016]

18 July 1973: Bert Newton hosts the 20th anniversary Gown Of The Year awards presentation. The fashion industry awards, presented by the Mannequins and Models Guild of Australia, recognises the talents of Australia’s fashion industry. Also screening this evening is the comedy special, The True Blue Show, the precursor to a weekly series that would screen on the Seven Network later in the year. The special features Gerry Gallagher, Sue Walker, John Derum and Emma Gray with performances by Johnny Farnham, Julie Anthony and Jon English.

18 July 1976: The ABC, Seven and Nine networks commence their joint coverage of the Games Of The XXI Olympiad, via satellite from Montreal. All three networks provided regular daily highlights packages from each day of competition — with Nine also going outside of the joint arrangement to provide overnight coverage of competition as reports and film of events becomes available.

18 July 1992: Hey Hey It’s Saturday (Nine) presents its special outside broadcast from Darwin’s Diamond Beach Casino. The Late Show, from the D Generation, debuts on ABCThe Late Show at 30 [2022]

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