Peter Flett, actor from stage, film and television, has died.

Born in the NSW town of Dungog, Flett’s working life was set to take a very different direction when at age 15 he left school and became a hairdresser’s apprentice in Sydney, going on to win NSW Apprentice of the Year. But with only eight months remaining of his four-year apprenticeship, he gave it all away to take up acting.

Rush: Max Meldrum, John Waters, Olivia Hamnett, Brendon Lunney, Peter Flett

Despite having no formal training, he scored roles in Behind The Legend, Redheap and Boney and joined Sydney’s Independent Theatre company before nine months with the Melbourne Theatre Company in 1973. That led to him being offered the role of Dr Woods in the ABC period drama Rush in 1974. Before his six months at Rush was finished, he was offered the role of Michael Bartlett in Number 96. He joined the series just as the murderous ‘pantyhose strangler‘ was terrorising the residents of the infamous apartment building, with his character becoming a prime suspect before the actual culprit was revealed.

He then went onto the short-lived Class Of ’75, and guest roles in Matlock Police and Homicide before returning to Number 96 as the adulterous Joe Minerver.

Later credits included Cop Shop, Sons And Daughters, Prisoner (in four different guest roles), Carson’s Law, The Flying Doctors, Neighbours, Spellbinder, The Magistrate, Heartbreak High, Wildside, Head Start, All Saints, Home And Away, Underbelly and Rake.

He also played many stage roles and appeared in films including Rikki And Pete, Evil Angels, A Kink In The Picasso and Ladies In Black.

YouTube: Peter Flett

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