Openshop, the latest shopping channel to come to free-to-air television, is ready to open on 1 August.

The new channel will broadcast on the Seven Network‘s broadcast signal on Channel 75, covering Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and Regional Queensland.

Openshop’s parent company is Hyundai Home Shopping Network Corporation, which operates Korea’s largest shopping channel.

Australia is the fourth extension of Hyundai’s global reach.

Openshop is entering what is already a crowded home shopping market, competing with Network Ten channels TVSN and Spree. The Nine Network‘s Extra and Seven’s own former Fresh Ideas TV and 4ME have all come and gone already.

17 thoughts on “Openshop coming to Channel 75

  1. While commercial tv stations can do anything they like with their allocated spectrum regarding what goes to air, in addition to the Seven Network already broadcasting “home shopping” programs on its 7, 7-Two, 7-Mate and 7-Flix channels. i wish to make two remarks about signal quality and ‘competition’.

    First, the Seven Network’s “food” and “racing channel” are broadcasting to a resolution of 640×576 pixels instead of its SD standard of 720×576 pixels. The resulting pictures are somewhat blurry and less than DVD quality. If you cram another channel, in this example another shopping channel, would the picture quality be SD 720×576 pixels or less? Commercials or advertorials need to be presented with the best quality images.

    Second, the ‘openshop’ channel must present material that is different from the other shopping programs other than ladders, steam mops, cooking implements, vacuum cleaners, bamboo pillows and mattresses and drilling implements. If ‘openshop’ is not selling products to differentiate itself from the other shopping channels then it risks being not succeeding.

    For me, the “home shopping” segments on the main networks’ channels is sufficient. I program the TV’s tuner’s skip and/or delete function on these specialised home shopping channels such as TVSN, Spree and ‘openshop’.

    Anthony of exciting Belfield

  2. Having viewed the ‘openshop’ channel, it is more like TVSN than Spree or the former Extra channel 95 even the “home shopping” segments. As in the previous post, I’ll be setting the remote for either ‘skip’ and/delete. The “home shopping” segments on the main and other channels beit 7, 9 and 10 networks are enough.

    Thank you,
    Anthony of exciting Belfield.

  3. Ch75 Openshop looks like it’s a new home for TVSN rejects!!

    It’s very amateurish. Women done up far too much. You can tell it’s origins are Asian.

    I don’t like it watched 1/2hr – that was enough for me!!

    Much prefer TVSN.

  4. This Ch75 Openshop is awful – so amateurish!!

    Hate all the products they are trying to flog. Never heard of most of them.

    Give me TVSN any day!!!

  5. Can you please tell me what number chanel Open Shop is on Foxtel chanels. I cannot find it. My sister gas told me about it and likes it. Thank you.

  6. Up until two days ago I could watch, plus I also purchased something from open shop, but now I can no longer view your channel, and I dont know why.

    Thank you.

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