Andrew Daddo and Melissa Doyle

Twenty years ago, 28 May 1999, saw the final edition of Seven‘s morning news and current affairs program Eleven AM.

The program, which began in October 1975, debuted about a year after the demise of Seven’s breakfast news show, Today.

Ross Symonds and Graham Kennedy. Eleven AM, circa 1984

Eleven AM was originally broadcast only in Sydney but was soon expanded across the Seven Network.

Hosts of the program over the years included Roger Climpson, Steve Liebmann, Vincent Smith, Ross Symonds, Clive Robertson, Graham Kennedy, Richard Zachariah, Ann Sanders and Anne Fulwood By the end of its run, it was hosted by Andrew Daddo and Melissa Doyle, with newsreader Natalie Barr and weather presenter Sonia Kruger.

YouTube: TelevisionAU

The same day also marked the debut of the “7” logo watermark on our screens. Hard to believe now, but even before social media was here, there was a certain outrage that a TV station sought to ‘burn in’ their logo on our TV screens. Little did we know what sort of on-screen litter was to come…

1 thought on “20 years since the last Eleven AM

  1. Indeed, little did we know about what would litter our screens. The ABC watermark was so faint and discreet, but what an outrage it caused.

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