Mass For You loses in WIN changeover

massforyouathomeThe recent changes in regional television affiliations have seen one of Australia’s longest running shows slip through the cracks.

Network Ten‘s Sunday morning program Mass For You At Home has not been picked up by the network’s new regional partner WIN, even though it had been screening through its previous affiliate Southern Cross Ten.

WIN, which covers regional Queensland, Southern NSW/ACT, Tasmania, regional Victoria, South East South Australia and regional Western Australia, has instead opted to schedule a syndicated American program, This Is Your Day With Benny Hinn, in the early morning Sunday timeslot. While this is also a religious program it does not fulfill the same objective as MFYAH and presumably is paid-for programming, like an infomercial, or derives revenue through commercial breaks. MFYAH goes to air commercial free.

MFYAH was started in 1971 as a Melbourne-only production, at a time when television stations were obliged to run a certain amount of religious programming. These days it airs across the Ten Network as a community service to allow viewers — mostly those isolated whether by age, distance, illness or imprisonment — access to participate in Sunday Mass. Even though it is broadcast early on Sunday mornings it claims a loyal following of viewers and supporters.

Despite the financial challenges Ten has faced over the years it has continued to support and broadcast MFYAH every week, still commercial free, missing only on the odd occasion when sporting telecasts or other obligations have taken precedence over the timeslot. The network donates production staff and facilities for the program and pays the cost of music licencing fees.

The program was bumped to Eleven a couple of years ago but has since been returned to the primary Ten channel. It is currently also screening on pay TV public access channel Aurora and is available to view online at TenPlay.

MFYAH continues to go to air on Network Ten outlets in other regional markets not covered by WIN.

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    • Pete on 7 July 2016 at 8:47 AM
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    Obviously not much to report television wise today.

    Maybe The Liberal Catholic Party can fight for this for that huge percentage of Australians that are Catholic ?

  1. Have just rung Win TV in Toowoomba Qld asking why MFYAH is not televised any more on Sunday Morning.; As an 81 year old pensioner I cannot get to Mass on Sunday and rely on watching on T.V.
    According to Win T.V. MFYAH will not negotiate a contract with them – hence no Mass! I suggested that is because it is a free program whereby I was told that Win T.V. buys the program from MFYAH. Is this correct? She also stated that you are running the program in Brisbane. This is fine, but how many churches are there in Brisbane compared to the Bush??
    There are also people there who can’t get out, but what about us?
    Perhaps you can enlighten me as to if and when we may see Mass again on T.V. in Toowoomba, Qld.
    Thanking you.


    1. Dear Pamela.

      Unfortunately I can’t shed any more light on the situation other than what you’ve already gathered from WIN.

      My understanding is that Network Ten provides the program as a public service, donating production facilities, airtime and paying music licencing costs. The program also goes to air commercial-free.

      It would appear that WIN are not interested in broadcasting this program in its coverage areas as they derive no commercial revenue from it.

      If you have access to pay TV the Aurora channel does also screen Mass For You At Home.

      Other than that I am afraid I can’t offer any more assistance and just suggest you continue to encourage WIN to somehow come to an agreement to carry the program.

    • Brian Headford on 27 December 2016 at 4:13 PM
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    My 90 year old father in law and his 89 year old wife have relied on MFYAH for a number of years in order to fulfill their obligations as Catholics. Neither of them are mobile enough to attend Mass locally. I know of many others in regional areas that have depended on MFYAH over the years as a way of staying connected to the church and their faith. To say that they have been distressed by the cutting of this service is an understatement. I support Pamela’s comments where she says that there are a lot more churches (and opportunities) in the capital cities than the bush or regional areas. Many at the age of the those who depend on this service also are not tech savvy; providing this service on pay tv and ten play etc is not an option for most. Come on WIN, there are many, many people within our communities that have volunteered their time and efforts free of charge for many years in addition to their normal employment – Surely a commercial enterprise can also support those elderly and less mobile members of our communities.

    • Fran Johnson on 30 December 2016 at 12:38 AM
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    I live in Burncluith near Chinchilla and watch Mass for You at Home regularly as I am 81 and not very mobile. WIN please televise MFYAT as it’s the only way I get to see mass regularly. I need mass as a comfort and to strengthen my faith. There are many bush people and those in nursing homes who need this service. Please rethink your policy and do your best to renew your contract with MFYAH. It would be so appreciated by many people.

    1. Dear Fran, and anyone else replying to this post.

      This website is not affiliated or connected to WIN. If you would like WIN to reconsider their policy on MFYAH please contact them directly.

      WIN is located in various states across Australia but their Head Office is in New South Wales:

      WIN Corporation Pty Ltd
      Locked Bag 8800,
      Wollongong NSW 2500

      Telephone: 0242234199
      Fax: 0242273682

    • Shirley McCane on 15 January 2017 at 10:22 AM
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    It is with great regret that channel 10 is not now braodcasting Mass for You at Home on Sunday. There are many elderly people who cannot attend Mass because of illness but found great solace is watching Mass on TV surely Channel 10 will rethink their decision to cancel this programme for the sake of the elderly and the sick who are house bound.

    1. Shirley,

      Channel Ten hasn’t cancelled the program. It is still being produced and broadcast on Ten in the major capital cities. It is the regional WIN network, now affiliated to Network Ten, that has opted not to take the program.

      If you are in a WIN region and would like to see the program returned then I suggest you contact WIN directly.

    • Simon on 17 January 2017 at 7:29 PM
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    I did some research and Mass For You At Home for Ballarat and Warrnambool viewers it going to come back on Jan29th! I hope it doesn’t go off the air!

    • Kath Fullagar on 28 January 2017 at 11:29 AM
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    I watch the Mass every day on Aurora or on Computer site…am an eighty year old and I cannot walk unaided…so it is impossible for me to get to a Church,,,,

    I am so grateful for Mass for you at Home….Thank you all…
    God Bless You…


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