massforyouathomeIn the history of television there are some titles we instantly recall as being survivors — Four Corners, Play School, Neighbours and Home And Away, to name a few.

But there is one program that is often omitted from the history books — Mass For You At Home.

The weekly Mass has featured on the Ten Network since 1971, making it the longest-running program on Australian commercial television.  The program started on Sunday, 1 August 1971 as a live-to-air broadcast on Melbourne’s ATV0, presented by Father Michael King — a well-known local media identity whose television appearances also included In Melbourne Tonight and even a guest appearance (as himself) in an episode of Homicide.

The program, aimed at viewers isolated from attending regular Sunday Mass, was launched at a time when all television stations were obliged to run a certain amount of religious programming each week.

Although the broadcast obligations no longer apply Network Ten has continued to support the program by donating production facilities, music licencing fees and airtime across the network — with the program being broadcast without commercials.

The program has aired on a weekly basis almost uninterrupted since 1971, having to miss only the occasional Sunday morning due to network sports coverage or other commitments.

From this Sunday morning, Mass For You At Home makes a move from the main Ten channel to digital channel Eleven at the new time of 5.30am.

Replacing the program on Ten at 6.00am is syndicated religious program Life Today With James Robison from the US, while the Australian Hillsong continues on Ten at 6.30am.

Mass For You At Home is also broadcast on pay TV channel Aurora.

Source: Mass For You At Home, TV Eye — Classic Australian TV

6 thoughts on “Mass For You at a new home

  1. I was wondering if you would like a segment on meditation during the tv mass, perhaps on the cross or some spiritual theme. This could be part of the homily, which would enhance reflection. thanks

  2. How can I access MFYAH on Television as I can’t find it on any channel because fo the changes between Channels 9 and 10.

    Have they taken it off completely? We are in a R/V and most over 80 and cannot get to Mass at church. This is our only way of celebrating Mass on the T.V. as most people here don’t have a computer.

    Is it off the computer too?

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Thank you,

    Pamela Davies

    1. Hi Pamela. It would appear that WIN Television has stopped broadcasting Mass For You At Home since taking over Network Ten programming in its coverage areas. I would suggest you contact WIN Television to ask if the program is to be reinstated.

  3. January 2nd, 2017

    It seems very unfair that Mass for you at Home has been taken off the air after running for so many years. Many rural people and the housebound really appreciate the opportunity to take part in the Sunday Mass through the medium of Television.

    To take it off at Christmas during the Christmas Season was particularly hurtful to these Christians.

    WIN has not replied to any correspondence

  4. Could you pls tell me where I can see on TV mass for you at home?
    I am having difficulty in following up the program and today I can’t seem to find it on my computer.

    Where is it?

    I live in the country and it was a great help being able to watch it on TV as I have to travel far to the city.

    1. I believe WIN is now showing it Sunday 6.00am in its country areas but I don’t know where you are. You may need to contact WIN Television or your local Channel Ten.

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