Movember is a month-long charity event that started in Australia and has since spread worldwide. For the month of November men are being asked to grow a moustache and gain sponsors to raise funds and awareness for men’s health initiatives – such as those targeting prostate cancer and depression.

So please either grow a mo’ or sponsor someone who is – because men’s health is an often forgotten issue.

Details on Movember can be found at their website.

Australian TV lacks the presence of a decent moustache these days but perhaps we might see a few over the coming month.

In the meantime here’s just a few that have featured on Australian TV over the years, listed in no particular order…





bertnewton_0001 auntyjack
uglydavegray kenjames
ianturpie_0002 johnburgess
gerardmaguire johnnylockwood_0003
mikegibson iainfinlay




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